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Asus Cube vs Archos TV Connect vs........?

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Looking at getting an android set top box and was wondering what your thoughts were now that CES 2013 is over. Just looking for something fun to toy around with.

Asus Cube


Archos TV Connect

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I've read several reviews of the Archos doo-dad, like this one, for example:

- and all seem to conclude there are problems with the remote. Too big, cheaply made, etc.

I'd wait for Archos to improve it.

I have the Diamond Multimedia AMP1000. It's a bit underpowered for video playback, so I'm looking for something with a dual-core CPU. Maybe Diamond's new AMP2000 will perform better...

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Will either the ASUS Cube or any other external Google TV device work with a HTPC running Windows Media Center?
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I'm unaware of anything that will connect Windows Media Center to Android devices.

I made the switch from WMC to Plex a year or so ago specifically so I could use the same media library on multiple TVs and devices with a somewhat standard interface (2 adults and 4 kids in the house), the Plex Media Server will serve up media to Android and iOs devices, Rokus, and Windows and Mac machines (and in a more limited way to DLNA-compliant devices like Western Digital media players and a multitude of network-enabled Bluray players and TVs). It requires you to keep the computer with the media server running of course whenever you want to watch media on any of the devices, but it works quite well (transcodes the media on the fly based on the capability of the device it's streaming to) and has a pretty simple interface, and is pretty simple to set up.

Depending on how your WMC video library is organized, you will probably have to go through and rename everything (as 'Movie Name (year)" from The Movie Database) but with that Plex will scrape your media and do a near-flawless job of pulling down fresh metadata. Plex is also very good with TV shows (create a folder named "TV Show" and put the episodes in that folder named "TV Show - SnnEmm" where nn is the season number and mm is the episode number).

Of the available Android set top boxes, I've waffled over buying a Sony NSZ-GS7, it seems to get the best reviews and comes with the Plex app pre-installed, but I don't have any personal experience.

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