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I understand that the receiver has PLIIz Height Mode for the FH (Front Height) setup which is Default in the Speaker System, however, what ' special ' mode is used for FW (Front Wide) ? I understand that it has that Wide Surround Movie,Music and Game Mode, but is that all? I am not a big fan of that mode because it seems to assimilate some of the audio from the surround channels to put in to those speakers, rather than how the front L/R uses the Spatial Cues to bring sound in to the height speakers. I know it sounds like I'm answering my own question but, I used to own the SC-67 and got rid of it because of the fact that DTS Neo;X can only use Wide or Height but not both so I figured, whats the point? I can do pretty much the same with a receiver that costs $1000 less! So like I said, is there any other modes, and does the Wide Surround Modes on this receiver also assimilate surrounds into the Front Wides? Thanks!