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I have an Optoma HD33, ceiling mounted, 13 foot throw and 12 foot normal viewing position. I have a temporary screen made of BOC approx 96" diag 16x9.
My goal is to increase brightness for active 3d.
Samples of angular reflective materials have convinced me that DIY is the way to go. Any samples placed on the left edge of the screen and viewed
from the seat which is even with the right edge of the screen are almost black. Seems like gain and viewing angle are mutually exclusive.
I own a HVLP sprayer and have no problem dumping the BOC if a better base would help. I realize the BOC texture is spraying light all over the room.
I have put black cloth on the ceiling extending about 3 feet out from the wall that the screen is mounted on to reduce reflections from above.
Any suggestions for my situation?