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Klipsch Surround Speaker Dilemma.

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I have had my Klipsch RB 61 Bookshelf speaker along with my RC 52 Center speaker for a while now and i love them. I'm finally looking at upgrading to 5.1 surround and maybe 7.1 in the near future. I am having issues on which surround speakers to buy for my setup. I was looking at either the RS 52 or RS 42. Is it worth the extra cash to go for the RS 52 even though the RS 42 is recomended for my system? The room in which the system is setup in is not the biggest so im afraid the RS 52 might be to over powering. Any opinions on which would be a better choice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. !

System Specs:
RB 61 Bookshelf Speaker
RC 52 Center Speaker
RW 12D Subwoofer
Pioneer VSX-60 Elite
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Honestly...RS42 are fine for rear speakers. I think the break down in a 5.1 system is the rear speakers get 2-10% of the total sound... Not to say it isn't an important aspect to a good 5.1 or 7.1 system...but your money can be spent better especially given your setup.

Of course, thats just my two cents. Those numbers are from memory so anyone correct me if I am wrong.
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What do you mean my money can be better spent? Am i missing something? lol
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