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Need some advice.
I have 24X16 room.
2 inches oc703 on the front wall.
2 inches of oc 703 (on the front 12 feet) of the side walls floor to ceiling. Back 12 feet alternating with 2 inches oc 703 and dry wall.
Back wall 4 inches cotton with plastic sheeting facing the room.
18x18 inches soffits around the room filled with insulation with paper facing into the room.
Front corner bass traps floor to ceiling.
Riser filled with insulation and stage with sand.
Bass sounds awesome. Other than that room sounds some what dead.
What can i do to make it more livlier?
I have seen every theater build in here uses only 1' oc703 on the side walls.
Do you think i have done too much by using 2' on the side walls?