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Which is better, Polk Audio 55T or Cerwin Vega VE-8?

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I have one brand new never opened Cerwin Vega VE-8 that I've had about 2 years. I was in the process of slowly obtaining pieces for a home theater but had to stop with the one VE-8 and a CV center channel (don't remember the model at this moment).

Now I'm able to get everything else setup and while researching prices on a second VE-8 ($199 everywhere) for the front, I see a good deal on the Polk Audio 55T; $119.95 with free shipping right now.

I have two PA book shelf monitors for the rear.

I picked up a Harmon Kardon AVR 1700 on Black Friday.

This will be mainly for watching TV/movies (5.1)... though don't have the .1 yet.... and some music. I haven't had a good sound system in a long time so I may get more into music again once I have something decent to listen to it on.

The PA has two 5 1/4" drivers and the CV has 1 8" woofer. I will be adding a power subwoofer at some point.

So what would you recommend? Getting the second CV or the two 55T's? Price is close. And if I sell the one VE-8 I have now I can apply that to the subwoofer. Or are there any other tower speakers that you would recommend in this price range? ($120 since I will need to buy two matching at this point if I don't buy one more VE-8).

I'm not necessarily trying to save a few dollars in this particular scenario since the prices are so close. So since price is so close between the two options, it's down to which will sound better in the situation I have described.

Everything will be in a fairly small living room, with open entrances to a kitchen/dining area. So this is not a dedicated home theater location.... if that will help in giving a suggestion on which of the speakers would work better for me.

Also, as a consideration..... I don't need something to rumble pictures off the wall. So would the two VE-8's with subs still give descent bass if I don't get a stand alone powered sub? Would the 55T's with a sub woofer sound better? Would a sub woofer with EITHER set of speakers still be a big improvement?
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I would stick with the CV setup. The Polk's arent anything special, there's a reason why they're so cheap. Not that the CV's are anything great, but I would rate them ahead of the Polk monitor line personally. You get a cast frame woofer with the CV, the extra money is going to quality.

If this isn't your center, you need to get this one


Having a matching LCR is the most important part about setting up a surround system. If you got the Polks you would also need to get a new center.

You can see how your setup sounds to you without a sub, but it's pretty much considered mandatory to have a separate .1 channel sub, irregardless of how big ones speakers are.
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Stick with Cerwin Vega - and save for a future upgrade and not a lateral move.
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Ok. Thanks for the suggestions.

I bought my center channel a couple of years as well, just opened it the other day. It's a CV CLS-6C

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That center is not a match, you should put it on ebay and pick up the matching center linked above. Or you could just buy these biggrin.gif

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What specifically makes the center channel I have not 'compatible' with the speakers? Since it's a separate component wouldn't the specs of the individual center channel be the only thing to consider? How does voice coming through one center channel sound different than through another one? Hope that question doesn't sound silly.

Just curious and trying to learn.

Also, mostly what I am finding for the CV VE-8 is the VE-8F. Will it still match? What is the difference? Does anyone if they look different?
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