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So my 50" Plasma does not have ethernet and the glare drives me crazy. It's mounted on top of the fireplace in the family room which is adjacent to the kitchen with a hanging light over the table. In the family room I also have two big windows allthough they are covered with shutters. Day/night when watching the TV I see the reflection of the kitchen light, TV on or off.

So, I want something a little bigger with at minimum DLNA so I can stream from my PC's, and load content directly from the TV. I have an xbox for media content also so the apps on the smart TV's are not that big of a deal for me

I narrowed down to
LG 55 LS4600,($800) has ethernet and supports DLNA but no apps. Not sure if I can access shared drives from the actual TV though, anyone know?

LG 55 3D LM5850 (1100) 3D, includes glasses, DLNA, and I think has apps also

Sony 55 EX645 (1000), apps, no 3D, DLNA....

I am kind of leaning towards the LS4600 mainly for price, but maybe neither of the above will resolve my glare issues.

Any thoughts