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Need some input on some odd color behavious on viera st30.

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Panasonic Viera st30.

I have had this TV for almost a year now and about 1000hours on it. When I originally did the calibration I knew it wasn't perfect but I thought it was good enough for awhile and took a break.
My end results of the calibration for a DE that was all under 3 except one under 5.
However, I began noticing greens within the greys. Sometimes especially in fog and such it was very noticeable.
I don't currently have access to the meter but am more looking for some sort of explanation of what I am seeing.

If I reduce the color setting to 0 while the video is paused at a spot I notice a problem the green still remains.
This also happens in the default cinema mode. While I don't expect that to be accurate it seems like a pretty blatant problem.
If I drop the low green and high green down about -10 from where I calibrated it, the noticeable green disappears but I am sure then my greyscale is way off.
Does the dropping color to 0 and the green remaining seem plausible to still be a calibration error? Or is it a possible defect?

Here is the thread I made with some calibration results.

Any input on this and what the possible problem is would be greatly appreciated. I will try and get some pictures up tomorrow.
Even looking at the gray scale at 10% intervals manually non of them seem as green as the green I can notice in fog/some shadows. Is it possible its only effecting very narrow bands?

Thanks for any thoughts.
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There is a known issue with some of the 2011 pannys where the panel will have a slight green tint in the center, and is usually accompanied by a pink tint on the sides. My set has the problem, but it seems to have faded considerably. I'm at the 2500 hour mark or so. On mine at least its only really noticeable when ABL is active on a full screen field or computer window. Calibration helped it a lot. I do see banding on occasion, but this seems to be a problem with mid panel brightness. The green tint does not seem to affect the picture once calibrated. I'd recommend putting a meter to it again.
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I don't believe it is a green or pink tint. For full screen grays there appears to be no uniformity issues.
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Its just a calibration issue then.
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Alright, will certainly have to revisit the calibration then. Thanks for the input. I'm fine with a calibration issue.. a defect not so much.
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Mine was definitely green looking at first. The first time I calibrated it I ended up with something like +15 to both the red and blue gains, so it wouldn't surprise me if you had to make that big of an adjustment.
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Alright, that seems to be roughly where I would have to be based on visually looking at certain scenes. My first calibration endeavour, which i am sure is the same for most, was more learning than results.
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