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My New HT Almost Ready

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Dear HT Enthusiast's:
This will be my first HT, so I am very skeptical initially on big investments. Also we bought this new home couple of months back. So tight on big budgets. I saw people with huge budgets building their HT's.

My goal was to get it done with in 5K, I know it sounds funny but I guess as of now I am within budget and of-course the timeline for completion, so happy about those 2 parts within budget and on time.

Framing + Drywall - $1000 ( Labor + material) Used quiet rock on one entry wall for sound proofing.
Tape, Float and Painting - $1500

Projector Optoma HD33 (Checked)
Sony BluRay (Checked)
Onkyo 9.2 (Need to order)
Pioneer floor standing and surround speakers (need to order)

I will appreciate any suggestions/comments to help me get a better experience. I have not yet got the AV receiver, so suggestions are welcome. I will need at least a 7.1 o start with for sure.


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Congrats... Pics and progress looking very good!!

Who planned the layout and the choices on the equipment?

Keep posting updates... Gudluck.
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Own brainstorming :-) and some on the fly decisions.... luckily things worked as planned.

Thanks will keep updating. Any suggestions on a good receiver?
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