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Toshiba DVR670

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I have 4 Toshiba DVR670. The third one I bought less than a year ago stopped playing tapes and ejected them and shut itself off. I tried rebooting. Did not help. I tried recording and it actually worked for about 4 minutes then ejected and turned itself off. Now it won't record either. When i called Toshiba they immediately told me that I should return the unit to them. it was a problem with the optical eye. Unfortunately the only shipper near me is USPS and they want $60 to ship it back to Toshiba. Since Toshiba does not have any DVR670 in stock and will not be getting any more I don't want a coupon for $303 to buy anything on Toshiba for 30 days. That's the only option they have given me. So i won't spend my $60.
Does anyone have a fix for the optical eye?
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'Optical Eye' (?Lazer pickup?) is used ONLY for the DVR.

What's really at fault is the VCR's reel pulse is weak or missing.
Caused by:
1) Dirty prism ( Remove one screw, with dampened q-tip, dust off infrared emitter LED - Reel sensor - and especially the prism or light waveguide. Or,
2) Infrared LED itself is weak and needs to be replaced. Observe polarity. Or,
3) 5 volt B Plus to the infrared LED is defective.

Or I could be treeing up the wrong bark. smile.gif
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Sounds very impressive....how do I find these things?
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