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Surround sound over non-HD Sky+ ??

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I hope this is the right place for this question, sorry if not.

I have a white Pace Sky+ (non-HD) box with both DD and DVB logos on the front so it can send a DD signal to my amp. Great except that, as has been alluded to on here Sky seem to make no distinction between different versions of DD.

I don't have a spare optical/coax input on my amp so I'm thinking of buying one of these to split optical to 6 channel analog inputs but if 5.1 surround isn't broadcast over non-HD then it's not worth it.

Can anyone enlighten me?
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Given DD is a SD/DVD audio format, your non-HD box should output the data. IGranted, broadcast HD uses the same encoding, but 5.1 broadcast predates HD. The device you linked does the splitting you need... but I have neither device so my comments are more logical than experiential; YMMV.

Have fun,
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Thanks Frank,

I'm confident the device splits the channels as required and that the Sky box is capable or receiving and outputting the 5.1 signal. I found the manual for the box last night and it refers to DD 5.1 audio so it pretty much confirms it.

The question is whether Sky actually broadcasts 5.1 audio at all where a non-HD box is used (or, to put it another way, the subscription is non-HD).
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We had 5.1 surround sound being broadcast in the NTSC days, before ATSC and HDTV existed. Sky would be defeaturing their product if it's not there.
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Having been told that the info tells you if a programme is broadcasting in DD (2.0 or 5.1) or DS (surround sound that a compatible system can convert) I took a look thru the EPG yesterday.

I found that while there were a few programmes being broadcast in DS very few were broadcasting DD. Furthermore of the ones that were broadcasting DD, the only ones that were broadcasting 5.1 were Disney channels!!! Apparently Sky Movies broadcasts DD, much of which is 5.1 but I don't subscribe to it anyway.

I hooked the Sky box up via Optical to check out the 5.1 on Disney and yes, it's all there but Disney in 5.1? Not worth the investment for me!

So for me pursuing the 5.1 route is a bit of a waste of time. As for the DS concept, I don't know if it's my AVR but the conversion to surround sound IMO is not worth it, the sound is richer thru the AVR using the unconverted PCM stereo signal.
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