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Projectors with a 600 dollar budget

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Hi guys, first time poster.

I'm looking to invest in a projector as I'm currently living in Europe, have massive wall space and could be moving again in the not too distant future. It seems that, given its portability, it would make sense to buy a projector. I've done some research on this but am completely overwhelmed by the number of products out there.

To begin with, my use for this would be watching movies, series and sports events. I'm not a gamer so that side is not of concern. I've looked at both LCD and DLP for around the 600 dollar price range. Am I correct in assuming that LCD includes less additional long term costs (ie longer bulb life ect) than DLP or does bulb life have nothing to do with either type? I'm looking for a minimum hassle product that is ideally 1080p given future considerations.

Right now I'm just using way to much of my work day looking into this and am again, completely overwhelmed by the number of possibilities and could really benefit from some insight.

Greatly appreciated in advance,

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I do not yet help you find a $ 600 projector, I believe that soon meets your requirements appear 1.gif
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A new, good 1080p pj for $600?. The viewsonic pro8200 may be the closest? DLP and LCD are similar in operating costs, unless you buy a pj that has expensive bulb replacements. Placement flexibility is one reason to buy lcd, as most dlp are limited in their placement locations. If you/family see "rainbows", (RBE), while watching DLP, then a LCD may be better. There are other slight differences, but those would be the biggest reason to purchase one over the other.
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Thanks for your replies. Yea, I looked at the viewsonic but it seems hard to come by where I live. Do you think there's a huge difference between 1080 and 720p. For my purposes, I'm wondering if I could just get by with a LCD 720p instead. Any thoughts on the Epson EH-TW480?

Thanks again,

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Very noticeable difference between 720p, and 1080p, if your watching 1080p content. If you don't then you'll not see much of a difference, depending on the scaling abilities of the device(s). $650 Viewsonic in the classified if your interested. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1451123/viewsonic-pro8200
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It you are watching 1080p and you sit close enough then it matters. If you watch blu-rays I would say 1080p is worth sorting out your budget for. If you don't do blu-ray or have a good 1080p source than it is a wash.
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