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Receiver settings when watching movies.

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I always wondered what my settings should be when watching movies.

First off I have a Yamaha RXA720 receiver.

When I am watching movies should it be set to Yamaha's CinemaDSP say in Standard or should I be using something else?

It has Dolby Pro Logic, PLIIx Movie, PLII movie, Neo:6 Cinema

But I can also play it in Straight mode which will produce unprocessed multichannel sounds for multichannel sources.

I play movies either through Netflix, DVD's through Xbox and I stream from my NAS with the xbox too, all the movies on my NAS are either AAC or 5.1
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I have always used straight and then switch to neo or a different sound mode when needed.
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I have been trying to figure this out for a while with my Yamaha receiver...I'm not sure what setting I should ever be on to listen to the source material properly...What I have ended up doing from all the reading I have done is just setting the receiver to "STRAIGHT" for pretty much any source and leaving the PLIIx on for just about everything(since I have a 7.1 setup)...I have to manually switch the PLIIx on a lot of the time...and it seems most of the stuff comes through without a flag, but I am assuming it is because of my older HT-5760 receiver and using the newer Lossless tracks on the movies I have been watching lately...they come across as a higher quality audio than regular DVD's, but not the full uncompressed signal since my receiver can't handle it because of it's age.

As a note on my receiver I can use PLIIx on both DTS and DD signals, so I never mess with ES/EX Matrix etc. anymore....also from what I have read, most all of these other settings on my older receiver (ES/EX, matrix) are for 6.1 and creating a mono rear center (6.1) or mono dual rear surround speaker signals whereas the PLIIx from what I read creates a stereo signal for the two surround back speakers taking from each the left and right channels for each respective speaker.

Some people seem to prefer the surround enhanced mode or Movie "Spectacle" modes and all...but I tend to leave my on the settings mentioned above..
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Same with my RX-V2700, it can't process the HD codecs so I leave it on straight. I can't remember if you can turn on neo with straight mode selected to get your 7 channel from 5 channel sources.
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Well it looks like I will try the "Straight" tonight when I get home.

might have to try the Dolby TrueHD, and the DTS-HD master audio
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