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MX-450 Univ Remote and Direct TV Receivers

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Hello All,
I am happy to say that I am new to this board but have checked out many posts in the previous years to help me get through my issues. I will explain my system and new home hoping someone can help me.

I have a single closet has the following items inside:
Direct TV HD-DVR receiver Mod # HR24-200 with RC65RX remote (Included)
2 - Direct TV HD receivers Mod # H24-700 with RC65X remotes (Included)
I have one hdmi cable running from living room tv to the HD-DVR box as well as an HDMI running from each HD receiver to the tv on the patio and the other in my bedroom.

I have a MRF-350 Universal base station with an emitter running to each ir signal eye on the receivers. My problem is that i have a universal remote MX-450 that is programmed to work my direct tv receivers. The bad thing is that all of the direct tv receivers are on the same program code so they all change when I try to change one channel.

I think all that I need to be able to do is program the boxes to somehow be on a different remote signal and then be able to program the universal remote to that remote and then it all work individually. Direct TV customer service says it can't be done or at least they don't want to help because I am using a different remote than theirs.
Please help! THANKS! and let me know if anything is too hard to follow or you need more information.
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You can set the DirecTV receivers to different remote control "addresses" (aka: code sets, IR codes, etc.). Go into the Setup menu, under Remote Control, and Advanced you'll see setting for multiple receivers. The 0001, 0002 codesets I think are in the URC database - you'll need to change the remote(s) to use one or the other - meaning multiple device pages, one for each receiver.

There's info about this in the DirecTV official forum, on DBStalk, and should be in the user manual as well.

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so are you saying that there is a problem if I want to program 3 different codes because I want each direct tv receiver in the closet to work from a different remote code. Also then how do I learn the universal remote to each remote with the different setting so that it works the same way as direct tv's remote?
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There is no problem with 3. Directv has 8 different codes. Set one of your RCs to another code and learn it.
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The mx-450 only has preset codes for two directv addresses, URC code 173 is the same as codeset 00001 in the directv remote. Where URC code 193 is the same as 00002 in the directv remote. For third you will have teach each command to the mx-450, from the directv remote set to an address from 00003 to 00008.

To switch the receivers, see my(tivoburkee) last post in this thread for reference:

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