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Hello, first timer here. I'll try and keep this to the point.

Recently installed this system in our new house.

Living room was pre-wired for 7.1. Installation of system went smoothly...until, of course, I tried to use it.

Plugged iPod into USB port on receiver, and all I got was bass from subwoofer...not a peep from any of the speakers. All of my connections seem to be good (speaker wires inserted into ports with no spare strands touching metal, etc.) Is there something easy I'm missing here? I know the system needs to be calibrated and other settings created in the receiver, etc., but if I'm getting bass from music on iPod, shouldn't I be getting something from speakers? And if it were as simple as some of the speakers being installed incorrectly, I should be getting at least something from at some of them, right?

Not an expert here, just hoping to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance!