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How are Panasonic LED TV's Ranking ?? TC-L47E50

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Hey guys, the last LED tv I bought was a Sharp 40 inch Quattron 610 and I ended up returning it. The colors were a bit off, the sound was great, video game lag was decent. I am now looking into giving Panasonic a shot, likely the TC-L47E50 non 3d, standard LED version. I wanted to ask how this basic set is ranking for 1) Picture/film quality, 2) Sound, 3) Video game lag/response time, 4) Soap Opera Effect.. Is it still noticeable even when you turn off motion tech, and does the picture quality plummet when you turn off motion plus settings? I know this was the case with the last LED Sharp Quattron that I had.

I appreciate any feedback you guys can provide.
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Sound is just ok, you will want at least a soundbar if you care about.sound.
It is fine for gaming and has a game mode, I just leave in game mode since it is a hassle to change to watch video. There is a black setting that will dim the screen even darker when the content displayed is mostly or all black, this can be quite noticeable so you may want to turn this setting off.
This TV can get very bright. SOE really isnt that bad with the motion settings and I dont notice picture degrade if turned off. I would go for the 47 inch E50 if I was purchasing again, 42 is fine, but I would like a little more space for gaming.
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Here is an in-depth review of an E50, the 42" model. The 47" set should be the same.

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i just put some money down on a TC-L60E55 for the insane price of $994 (tax and shipping and 2 year warranty $1238) PC richards. I had a feeling i came out with a steal but I barely find any info on it. The silver bezel was a nice added touch.
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I got the 55" TC-L55ET5 a couple weeks back for $899 and love it. had a 55" UT50 Panny plasma first, but sent it back due to issues with IR and buzzing. I'm much happier with the LED. Picture is still great IMO, and I can use it worry free.

Professional and forum reviews of the Panny LED sets aren't the greatest. They're apparently not up to videophile standards--if you're looking for top rate picture you'll need to pay top rate prices and get a full array (rather than edge lit) set from Sharp or Sony. Being edge lit you will see clouding from the light not being even on a black slide (I don't notice it on dark scenes in movies, though some report doing so), motion blurs more than on a plasma and probably higher end LED sets etc.

But the TVs are very well reviewed by users on Amazon and other sites, and forums with more general audiences vs. a videophile haven like AVS. So if you're more an average viewer, rather than a serious videophile, you'll probably love it.

If you like 3D, look for a deal on the ET5 series. I think the 3D on it is fantastic.
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yeah, its not a severe priority that the screen is pristine..I just jumped on the price for a 60 inch tv. It cant be a tremendous picture for that price but it should be decent.
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