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Here is my set up,
Epson 5020 UB
pioneer 92 vxh AV receiver
Apple TV 3
Harmony 1100 remote...

Worked seamlessly with my Sanyo projector...

I can get all functions to work, watch a Blue ray- works
I can watch TV (dish network) - works

But when I start the activity watch Apple TV, everything comes on just fine but the PJ says no signal and the screen on my Receiver flashing "not recognized Hdmi".

To Fix it all I have to do is turn the reciever off and on. When the receiver powers back up and re acquires the signal the Apple TV screen is up as normal.

I tried to change the order of which the devices turn on and made the Receiver last but it still doesn't help. It almost like the projector needs more time to "boot up" because when I do it manually, turning on the receiver last, it works fine.

I don't know if there is a setting some where in the menu of the PJ to help me here it what?

Please help!
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