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5.1 Surround Placement in Apartment

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I am having trouble figuring out where to put my 5.1 surrounds in my new apartment. The apartment has an amazing view and the space is set up to take maximum advantage of this, but unfortunately that puts some weird constraints on the theater setup. Here is my terrible Paint attempt to draw the layout.

As you can see, the couch is off center, with only one or maybe two if you squish good spots in front of the TV. The front speakers are only at about a 25 degree angle, so not awesome but ok for me. My question is where to put the surround speakers. As far as I can figure out my options are:
1) Putting them on the walls show with red stars would result in one being about half the distance of the other. I know the receiver can try to autocorrect for this, but I'm guessing it's still going to sound pretty weird.
2) On the ceiling to get even spacing. Like I said, I'm in an apartment so I don't really know how to attach something to the ceiling but even if I could where would I put them and how should they be angled? Any recommendations on fasteners to use?
3) Put one on the wall and the other freestanding at the far end of the couch. This would give distances of 4.5' and 5.5', so pretty similar, but because you have to get to the couch from the far side (there is other furniture not shown in the picture) I'm worried about the walking traffic knocking over the speaker. I don't have a stand so I would probably have to make one.

If it matters I have what I'd call a good low end setup, where my surrounds are Pinnacle S-FIT SAT 150s and the receiver is an Onkyo HT-RC260

I hope I put this in the correct forum, and thanks so much for any help!
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I would put the surrounds high up on the side walls and let the auto-calibration in your receiver adjust levels and delays to make the speakers sound like they are roughly the same distance away.

Also, considering the price of your SAT 150 surrounds, I would buy another pair and spread them out on the back wall. With your couch being away from the back wall, you're an ideal candidate for a 7.1 set-up.
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Surround speakers don't have to be wall or ceiling mounted. You can mount them on Stands and place them on the sides or lightly to the rear of your couch and get a more even distance between them. I think that's probably your most workable solution in this case.
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Thanks for the advice! I'll look into getting two more speakers for the 7.1 setup. I hadn't thought of that. Will 5.1 sources be converted in a way that those speakers will be useful?

As for using stands for both speakers, what I didn't include in my picture is that there is a door on the wall closest to the couch (top of picture) starting right around the back of the couch. I can't really put a stand there for that reason, although I was considering a stand at the far end of the couch for that speaker. Do you think having one speaker on a stand and one on the wall would work?

I think the first thing I'll try is just putting them on the wall as shown in the picture and running Audyssey as sdurani suggested, since I don't have stands for the speakers currently. Thanks again!
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Originally Posted by FelisPuma View Post

Will 5.1 sources be converted in a way that those speakers will be useful?
Yes, you can use PLIIx (Dolby Pro Logic IIx) to scale the number of channels in the source material (2.0, 5.1) to the number of speakers in your set-up (7.1).

With a 5.1 set-up, some of the surround information will phantom image between the surround speakers (appear to come from behind you), as long as your are sitting in the sweet spot exactly between both surround speakers. PLIIx extracts those sounds and steers them to the speakers behind you. Now no matter where you sit, those particular sounds will always appear to come from behind you.

Same directionality, but greater imaging stability (for listeners not seated in the sweet spot).
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