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Projector switching after 5 seconds

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I'm hoping somebody will read this and be able to assist.

When iturn on my projector it turns on as per normal(green light), however about no more than 5 seconds the fan cuts out and the projectors flashes a white screen and turns back to standby mode(red light).
I'm not finding anything like this on any other sites?

The globe is under 1500 hours
cleaned out the vent
everythings plugged in correct.

Can Anyone shoot some ideas at me?
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Could be a weak lamp. Lamps can fail at ANY time, regardless of hours used.
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Yeah thanks.
But it flashes up with the input signal in the top corner of the screen and then flashes whit and shuts down to standby
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What make and model. 1500 hrs on some projectors is all you might get out of a lamp. Could be a bad fan the projector will shut off if a fan does't come upto speed. Does it flash any error code look in the manual and see what the lights might be telling you.
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Still could be bad lamp. I've seen projectors power up, and then shut down in a matter of seconds. It was usually the lamp. However, as rekbones said, it could also be a problem with the projector. Knowing what you have is very helpful.
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Itsa Panasonic PT-AE700E
Yeah there doesn't seem to be a light sequence, and I lookd up the manual online and nothing jumps out there.
Might just have to get someone to look at it frown.gif
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Having the same problem with my PT-AE700E.


Projector powers up fine (screen image looks great, fan can be heard) then powers down in 3-5 seconds with both LAMP and STANDBY LEDs on RED.

At this point, pressing the power button does nothing. The ON/OFF switch at the back needs to be switched to OFF and back to ON to allow for above process to be repeated.


Replaced the lamp and no difference.

Been thinking that the LAMP timer needs to be reset but I don't have enough time to enter the menu to reset it, thought there may be some other way to do it.

Then after searching and searching online without coming across this issue much at all, thinking it's not even the lamp.


The TEMP LED does not illuminate, ever.


Hoping someone has an idea what's wrong with this thing.

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First thought is a lamp issue. Even if there are two different lamps.. If they are the same lamp they could not be sending the right signal paramaters back to the projector and its shutting down. Are they factory lamps or after market purchases? Second thought is a fan that is sending a signal back to the projector to shut down. - Bohanna
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Thanks for reply.


The lamp that was in there for over 3000hrs I believe is factory, and I replaced it with an aftermarket.

On power up, the image looks fine with either lamp, can even quickly start activating the menus, but no chance to get into the lamp reset portion before the unit powers down.


Can't imagine that the unit would be built in such a way that you're SOL if you cross over the caution barrier of 3000.5hrs even though the lamp is fine, so I am liking your idea that something else is signaling the unit to shut down.


Any idea how to check the fans? I can hear at least 'a' fan coming on when the unit powers up.



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First take out the air filters and see if it stays running any longer. If it does it indicates that the air flow is effecting the fans operation and so it could be a fan. If that doesn't work that out the lamp and leave the lamp cover off. If you can open the unit up look that the fans are ALL free spinning. Be careful when you open it up that there are not any connectors on the case so do it SLOWLY! so you don't rip any connectors off. If you have an air hose or some sort of compressed air blow it AWAY from the optical block. Search this site for Fuzzy Sticks . It will give you a better idea of how to deal with the optical block and back blowing through the optical path. - Bohanna
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There is one removable filter that I can see and no difference in operation when removed.


Not following your instructions to further test fan operation with the lamp out and case open since unit does not power up unless the case is closed.

If you could please elaborate the process.



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My Optoma HD25e was doing the same thing.Used compressed air on color wheel and it has now worked fine for over 2 months.
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