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Panasonic TV or Blu-ray player won't display edited photos

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I have a 65VT-30 and panny blu-ray player. Both devices have the same issue - when I try to display photos - either from flash drive or thu server they both find the folders and display the thumbnails but when the slideshow starts - if the photo has been edited (I use photoshop) the device says it cannot display the file. If the file is unedited jpeg from the camera it will display fine. It's not a file size issue - edited photos are roughly the same size and I've even tried saving a smaller file - much smaller than the jpeg from the camera. Same issue. I've been doing photography for years and processing images for years - there's nothing wrong with the image files for any other use - except when trying to display on my panny TV or blu-ray player. Again, what's odd is they'll show the thumbnail images so they recognize the file format but they won't play them. Any thoughts?
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Are you using a Mac or PC?
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In the manual it says that a pic saved on a computer may not work. Maybe the editing saved it at a different bit depth or chroma level that the tv can't handle.
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I'm on a PC. I got word back from panasonic - I believe it likely has to do with the sub-sampling employed in the jpeg conversion. Panasonic only supports the following. Image resolution is within constraints. I still have yet to validate the sub-sampling. It's honestly nothing I've payed much attention to so far with my photo work. Since my brand new laptop just got shipped back to B&H for freezing I probably won't be able to test until next week. I'll update with what I find but I'm guessing it's the sub-sampling.

Sub-sampling - 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0
Image resolution - 8 × 8 to 30,712 × 17,272 pixels
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I wanted to update. Took a while as I had to return the laptop for a replacement. It really is related to the jpeg save options - default is for Photoshop to use a progressive algorithm. When I change that to basic, the saved files will display. So, I'll just have to do a batch copy to save files for display using this method (don't want to use the lesser conversion for the real copies of the photos).

Just wanted to update this in case someone else has the same problem.
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New Panasonic TX-L47WT50B Viera Smart TV. (March 2013)

PROBLEM: Would not open Jpeg images (apart from thumbnails) that have been edited via PhotoshopCS5 but will display unedited Jpegs and ones edited with other software.

SOLUTION: Well I re-edited the Photoshopped images using Roxio 12 software and now they display perfectly. (A bit slow but no need to make any sgnificant changes in Roxio editing )

Hope this helps!
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