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Promonitor 1000 vs. Bookshelf Speaker

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My surround in my living room includes 4 promonitor 1000's. I've got 2 for surround and 2 more for my front left and right. First off, would they be considered bookshelf speakers? Where my speakers sit is basically a shelf and not that the promonitors look bad, but I think some bookshelf looking speakers might look better there. How does the performance of the promonitor 1000 compare to a good set of bookshelf speakers? We all want to upgrade eventually and I'm trying to figure out what my next step is.

Thanks for any help and have a good day!
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Yes, Those are bookshelf speakers. And those are halfway decent bookshelf speakers. 200 peak watts, 91db sensitivity (good for a bookshelf), rated down to 42hz (again, quite good for a bookshelf). All in all not bad. The question I have is this: Do you like how they sound? If the answer is yes, forget about how they look and keep them. Speakers are for producing sound, looks are a secondary (IMO a tertiary) consideration.
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Oh I love my speakers, I've just not had the opportunity to compare them to many others because I'm the only guy I know that's into this stuff and I live kind of far from my nearest chance to sample some more speakers in a showroom. Dallas is my nearest city and it's 3 hours.
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Nothing wrong with wanting to compare to other speakers. I do it as often as possible (which isn't very often but I try) because if I find something out there that I like better in my price range I would have no problem upgrading.

The only thing I could tell you for auditioning speakers is to purchase from an internet seller with a very good return policy. Order speakers from them, try them out at home and return them if you don't like the sound. There are a lot of people who do this sort of thing, so it can work.
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