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Anyone used db-4looring?

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Hello, this is my first post.

I have recently started a home theater build. My theater is upstairs above a downstairs living space. I have been searching around trying to find the most economical (i.e. cheap) way to add sound proofing to the floor and walls. I have read many of the proven methods, but most require quite of bit of labor and/or expense. I was curious if anyone had used these products from United Plastics? They sell them through Home Depot .com. The db-4looring looks like a nice solution for the money, ($75 for 4x25') but they don't talk specifics about any sound level reductions on their site. Just up to 75% reduction. Wanted to see if anyone had any personal experiences with the products here?


Thanks for your help and I really enjoy seeing eveyone's build. It really gets me motivated.

Jamie McShan
Dripping Springs, Texas
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The experienced here are doubtful but you are welcome to experiment with your money. If it doesn't work out you can always rip it out and use the proven methods.
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Thanks, I am waiting on a quote for Serenity Mat from the Sound Proofing Company. They seem to be the most respected and trusted here on the boards. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

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Welcome Jamie. I think you will find a huge amount of useful information here on the forum.

You're correct - Ted and John at the Soundproofing Company are the go-to guys here. They have great pricing - but more importantly, they have the background and experience to go with it and will help you set and attain realistic goals within whatever your budget may be.

I haven't looked at the product you mentioned from HD.com, but it sounds like it's lacking independent test lab data. If that's the case, I would be very, very leery of it. The absence of that data is usually a telling sign and "75% reduction" rarely means much. I believe that the Soundproofing Company has independent data on nearly everything it sells.

Doing it the right way may cost a bit more today, but you'll be happy you did it down the road...
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