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Hi guys just looking for some good recomendations from guys that have or know the products more than I do.
I am looking at buying a new blu-ray player, to go with my Marantz AV7005 and Anthem amps.
I came across these deals.Remember I am from Canada where electronics are more expensive.

Marantz BD7004 new 425.00 (Older model) OR Marantz UD7006 new 799.00.
Or should I look at the new stuff like Marantz BD5007 or the Oppo BDP-103.

What would be your suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
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There are dedicated threads for the various Marantz and Oppo models. Feel free to ask there. There is also the Help Me Choose a player thread where we recently compared the Marantz and Oppo for another member. Use the search function and use my user name. It is one of my more recent posts in that thread.


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as teachsac pointed out we have set up separate threads for each make and model. We ask that members use those threads to ask questions about that player. If you are looking for advice on which player maybe right for you (larger approach), we have a sticky thread called "help me chose a BR player" that will provide suggestions...just post the features you are seeking and/or your list of players you are considering in that thread.

good luck in your search

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