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Opinions/Suggestions - Parasound A51 vs Emotiva XPA-5 vs ????

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Hello HT And Audiophiles,

I've gone through endless hours of reading thread after thread comparing all these amps. Some of the threads go onto a tangent. I am pulling my hair out and just need to make a decision.

Essentially, I have about $2500-3000 budget, but obviously would like to save as much as I can. Many people have been stating that Emotiva XPA-5 will suit my purpose just fine.

I am also willing to buy used as well. Let me start with my story.

I was initially using my Denon AVR-3802 as an AMP. My friend said...why don't you try a real amp and lent me a Parasound 5 channel HCA amp. I was surprised at the clarity that the amp produced with both music and movie dialogue. I am not technical in any aspect, but the sound was quite impressive.

I have the following equipment:

- Marantz AV-7701 Pre/Pro
- Denon AVR-3802 (as an AMP)
- Front Speakers B&W CM9
- Center HTM-62
- Back Surround 602S2 Bookshelf (will replace with in future with floor standing speakers)

I do listen to music....but I would say the split is 70% movies & 30% music.

So....here is the question. I could wait for a great used Bryson or Parasound, or I can get a new Emotiva XPA-5.

Let me know your thoughts....I truly value your opinion.

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Here is the way I see it. The Emotiva is a good amp for the money and a Great Value. The Parasound is a great amp for the money and a Good Value.

If your split on two amps with such a wide difference in price, that tells me the Parasound may be within your budget. So do yourself a favor and get it now. You'll avoid any buyers remorse because if you go for the cheaper one, you'll be asking "what if" every time you listen. Best to end the upgrade spiral as soon as you can.
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Hello Paraneer,

Thanks for your response. I know that the Parasound A51 would be a good choice if money was no object. I would have to wait till someone post a sale on the used forum on Canuk Audio. I probably wouldn't pay $5k for the amp.

As stated, my budget is around $3k.

Now, I've read so many good things from Emotiva, that I would consider saving the money and getting the XPA-5. I trust the opinions of this forum. And if anyone has experience with the A51 vs XPA-5 - their reference would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am open for any other options.

Thanks in advance.

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I would vote for A51 but if not consider ATI AT2005 or AT3005 from ClassicAudioParts or even the XPR-5 from Emotiva. Make sure you have a 20 amp circuit if required.
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I would also recommend getting the CMC2 as you indicated 70% movies, would be a notable upgrade and a great match for the CM9s.
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Thanks for the comments.....any other comments or recommendations?

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