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Vizio VHT510 Discontinued? New Model Soon?

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I ran across something today that I found interesting and thought I'd share.

I've been looking into the Vizio VHT510 soundbar because it has 5.1 surround. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere for sale, it seems as though it's been discontinued. I decided to contact Vizio via chat to see if my suspicions were correct. The Vizio rep said that although it is not officially discontinued, they "may be discontinuing it to prepare for a new model coming soon". He also specified that it too will be a 5.1 system. He could not however give me any details as to it's launch date.

That's where you guys come in. I have read some amazing stuff on this forum, I have no idea where all this knowledge comes from, but this forum is full of it. If anyone knows of or hears of anything related to a new model 5.1 soundbar system from Vizio, I'd love know.

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Maybe they are referring to this:


Amazon has the VHT510 but only refurbished models.
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They have been planning a replacement for the 510 for 2 years, but last year's model never materialized. Glad to see their 5.1 version hopefully finally emerging this year.
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Idk much about a new one, but i got a VHT510 for Christmas and i must say its an impressive system for the price of it.
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Yes, there are upgrades from the 510, announced at CES. The ones of interest to me are the 42inch and 54 inch devices with wireless rear speakers.

I started a thread about the Vizios and the Philips soundbar, also with wireless rear speakers. (You might want to wait for these Soundbars)

The Vizio 42 inch won CNET's best of show, although against a background of some controversy.
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