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Hi. I should mention I'm not asking about the smart features, just the picture quality.

I recently bought the Samsung 60" PN60E530A3FXZC and I just can't get used to the motion blur while gaming with an XBOX360.
Looking online I kept reading that the Samnsung 530 series has a definite problem with motion blurring that the 550 series does not. Specifically gamers have said that upgrading to the 550 model made a huge improvement in graphics response while gaming.

So I'm thinking about trading in for the PN60E550.

Can anyone elaborate on the tech difference between the two units that would make the reported difference in picture quality while gaming?

One other problem I had with the 60" 530 was that my viewing position was only 7 feet from the screen and I could really see the so called "screen door effect". Not a real problem when watching movies but when gaming the environments turn into a shimmering mess whenever I look around. This combined with the motion blur makes me wonder how anyone could game on this model. I did spend a few weeks tweaking settings and using some profiles from these forums but could not fix it.

I understand that the E550 and E530 in 60" have the Pentile screen. While I really don't know what that is I hear it's responsible for that screen door effect that nobody likes.
But the 64" E550 does not have the same pentile screen tech.

From all the reviews I've read I'm fairly sure the 60" E550 does not have the motion blur problems that the 60" E530 does, but can the same be said for the 64" E550? What I mean is ... I'd hate to buy the 64" to get rid of the screen door effect only to find out it has the same motion blur problems as the E530 screen.

Sorry if this post is not clear I'm a total HD noob and have spent the last week lurking through these boards learning a lot.

I know these are somewhat entry level big screens but when you drop $1500 on a new tv you don't expect it to suck so much for gaming.

So, should I go for the 60" E550 (pentile) or the 64" E550.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any advice.
I'd be doubly reassured to hear from any gamers with experience with these models.