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Need Advice

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I’d like to run my build by you guys. I’m extremely new at this so any help you guys can provide would be appreciated.

Since I live in a townhouse and don’t have a basement I decided to use one of the spare 12W X 16L bedrooms as a theater room. Turns out it’s a pretty decent setup that’s already well configured for I want (good thing b/c I’m not handy). As you can see from the pictures below there is a closet, two windows and a sliding door in the room. I can block pretty much all the light out with blackout curtains/shades so I don’t think light will be much of an issue. I’ve already cleared out the room and setup the chairs, I got two oversized chairs that recline that are big enough to fit 1 couple each so not too much room but I have a LCD in my living room for the larger groups. The chair distance to the wall with the fixed screen will be 9ft and as well the ceilings are 9ft high.

Home Modifications:
I’m going to paint the walls a dark blue color and the wall with the screen black. I will as well paint the ceiling black as well. I’ve been doing some research into the Philips Hue connected bulbs. Since I’ll most likely use some sort of tablet device to control the electronics I think these would fit in well with the room. If anyone has tried them for a movie room your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Projector: Sony VPL-HW50ES
Screen: Elite CineWhite 1.1 Gain 120inch
Speakers: Polk Monitor 70’s Fronts, Polk CS2 Center, Polk Monitor 40’s Surround and Rear.
Receiver: Haven’t decided on this yet, waiting for a good deal to come along like the one a few months back with the Onkyo NR-809

My plan is to shelf mount the projector above the chairs most likely centered with the screen which should not be a problem. I really would like the screen to be eye level but I’m fighting the battle that if I put the screen too low the center channel will be too low and I will need to angle up which is not the ideal setup. Perhaps a few of you that have run into this can comment on that as well. I’ll either place the media center to the side of me or put it in the closet, the issue with that might be ventilation however, I won’t have too many things giving off an enormous amount of head besides the receiver. As well I have no plans of acoustically treating the room as I dont have the expertise for that nor do I think it is necessary.

Overall I think it’s pretty straightforward setup especially since the room was already designed almost ideally for a screen. However, since I’m completely new at this any thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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Move the chairs 4 ft off the back wall and closer together, That will be a better distance for that size screen and the surround sound will have some room to breathe. If that puts them in front of the door flip the screen wall.
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Yea I think your correct that I need to push the chairs together that should give me some extra room, I will try and move the chairs closer but would ~7ft be too close for a 120 inch screen?
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7 ft viewing is too close for just about any screen/projector.
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I sit 8 ft from a 92" 16:9 screen and think that it is perfect. I could go up to 100", but no more.

I actually had a 120" screen at my old house with about an 8 ft viewing distance. It was too big.
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I was going back and forth on the size, I have a 65 inch LCD in my living room and I was trying to use that as the baseline. I'm about 7ft from that. My preference is towards the larger screen but if I have to scan my head to see the picture it becomes a bit ridiculous. Any other thoughts?
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Test it. Make sure the projector can zoom in/out to the range of sizes in question (and can do so from the location you'll place it). Project onto a white wall or make a temporary, throw-away screen out of photographer's backdrop paper. Check the smaller / larger sizes by watching from your seating position, and then decide on a final screen size.

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What do you guys think about the screen/projector combo?
I know elite is concidered more of a budget screen while the projector is closer to a midrange projector. I was thinking of a 1.1 gain 120inch fixed screen from elite. Any other recommendations in that type of price range or a bit higher?
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I tried a number of different screen samples and I did like the Elite, but one issue I noticed was it would "sparkle" in bright scenes. This was with a JVC RS40. I ended up with a 110" Carada BW. My front row is 10' from the screen and I would say it is just on the edge of being too close.

If you're concerned about what screen is for you, call the manufactures and ask for a sample. Most will send a 8x10 sample for free. DaLite is cheap and will only send a 6x6 sample. Personally I was not impressed with their Cinema Vision screen even after paying $20 for a larger sample. I got samples from Carada, Elite, Draper, DaLite and Seymour AV.

Make sure your walls and ceiling are painted the colors you want before trying out screen samples. The reflected light off light colored surfaces can really effect the black levels.

You've chosen a nice projector.
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