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LG PB60G 500 Lumens LED DLP pico projector

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front view

I know that this projector it's mentioned in the forums, but it doesn't have it's own thread.
So I will start one.
I got this tiny projector after many months of searches.
I need it something small, but powerful enough for my viewing pleasure.
I don't have a large room, so the bigest picture size it's not what I was looking for.
here is the unpacking video: http://youtu.be/QGzksGuGtVk
As I said in the video description I bought it last week from an estore: Extreme Digital a store with the warehouse in Hungary, but they shipped to Romania at lower prices. I bought only the projector, but they gave me the 80" noname manual screen projector too. That was a big surprise smile.gif . I hang it on the ceiling and it's doing well.

So here's my setup:

265cm projection distance
image size:
191cm diagonal
101cm height
161cm width
Picture - Cinema Mode
Eco - Minimum (silent and it's much more than I need) at Medium and Maximum it's a little bit louder on fan noise, but with the movie sound you don't hear it)
It has a build in mediaplayer and office viewer that it's working very nice.
It reads external subtitles, but has only 2 language codes: Latin1 and Korean, so no Central European language code for subtitles.

I made some pictures with my HTC Desire (doesn't make him justice, unfortunately) , I will try to make other pictures of my new blu-ray 1080p film "Showshank Redemption" with my digital camera this weekend.

this is it till now with my new LG pico projector.


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Pictures I made (google+ picture album):

HTPC: Asrock ION 330
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
Intel ATOM 1,8ghz dual core
4gb ram
wifi dongle D-Link DWL-G122
slim Matshita Blu-Ray player
XBMC Frodo RC3 - autostart on boot
Mobile Mouse (Remote/Mouse/Trackpad/Keyboard) server on HTPC - Mobile Mouse app on iPad - both on the same wifi network
Photos: Samsung W500 digital camera

I'm not a good photographer frown.gif

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Hello Iulian!

Grat to the projector, i live in hungary and im thinking about it. Your thread is very helpful. I never had projector before, but listening the forums, and i have some questions:

There is any rainbow effect? Can you see it?

Did you try on the wall, or only use with the 80"" screen?

The screen has any name ( perhaps elitesreen) or absolut noname? Has the screen heavy weight, how many kg?

Need totally dark in the room to use it?

Thank you: Peter
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Hi Peter

- no rainbow effect at all, trust me, I am very sensible on this matter smile.gif
- I tried on the white wall (I had to take out the paintings, since I don't have empty areas on my walls) it looks the same
- the screen has no name, just "manual projection screen" and I think it's the one that you'll find on the projector manual, page 12, but without the tripod.
- need totally dark for the best effect of the image, but the projector can be used with natural light coming from the window - not direct sunlight and not directly on the projection screen or wall. I have a bright electric light on the ceiling and if I open it up the image it's faded, I can see it, but it's not the desirable image, no.

Thank you.

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Actually there is a specific PB60G thread here that was started back in July 2012. wink.gif


Maybe see if a mod can merge your thread or you can simply copy/paste your posts in this thread into the other one.

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Hi Iulian!


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