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I have a Panasonic TC-P60S30 and after about 6 months there was a small amount of snow/fuzz on the TV that you could barely see. Well I foolishly left that alone, as this humming from the TV was a more prominent issue. I had a tech come in to take the panel off and screw in the board to stop the humming (common problem with these TVs) but the "snow" problem remained. I'm now into month 13 of owning this TV so the warranty has ended, but the snow still occurs. I can fix this by opening notepad (a white application) maximized, but it seems to come back if I visit a site with brownish colors or sites with multiple colors. Again, I can fix this by opening notepad. I also don't notice this fuzz while gaming or watching video but I'm sure it's still occurring. I primarily use this TV connected to my PC but I've tested using different inputs and devices, and I've concluded it must be a problem with the board itself. Now I'm paying the same tech to come in again, hopefully he can fix it, but I was wondering if anyone here knows the root cause? I've uploaded a Youtube video here, hopefully you can see what I'm talking about as it can be difficult to film.