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Marantz sr7007 sound info

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How do you view the source input info on the marantz sr7007? I want to see input info like sound format etc.

I'm playing music on my Xbox 360. How do I change the sound to pro logic 2 music? In the 4 sound buttons if you hold them a new screen pops up with other formats to choose but pro logic 2 music is not there. Only stereo, multi channel stereo and couple others.
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You are very fortunate as unlike with the lower level models which only have the round portal to view information, the 7007 also has a front panel door beneath the round portal which will display the information in more detail once opened. As noted in the image below, if you press the MUSIC button (although MOVIE is described in the image) with a 2CH stereo source playing, you should get the DD PLII - Music surround mode to display.

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It doesn't show pro logic 2 music though. It shows Dolby digital instead. My receiver is out of site so I need that info on the tv.
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How many speakers are in your setup? If only 5 and the AVR reads Dolby Digital, then it's likely receiving a 5.1 signal so there's nothing to simulate using DD PLII.
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The Xbox is dd. when playing music on it it's 2 channel. I need to be able to change to pro logic 2 music.
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If the front panel display (icons on right side when Front Display - Channel is set to INPUT, p. 141 OM) show 5 speaker channels being input to the AVR, or if Information - Audio - Input Signal shows "3/2/.1" then there is nothing to simulate.
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