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I was at CES last week and saw the 4K and OLED tv's. They were very impressive however none of them excited me enough to want to replace my PRO 151 Elite. The 151 is one sweet tv smile.gif. I had my set professionally calibrated several years ago the the picture is still awesome. I watch all of my shows and blu rays in the dark.
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Your comparing your kuro to the new oled's??? Wow! You overdosed on the kuro kool-aid! Sorry, but oled is drastically better.
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^Did you attend CES also? It is his opinion, as biased as it might be.
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Originally Posted by vinnie97 View Post

^Did you attend CES also? It is his opinion, as biased as it might be.

Yes I was there. And yes he is entitled to his opinion. I'm just so sick of the kuro talk. I had one, so don't say I don't have any knowledge of it.
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Don't worry, I am not an accuser. You must have found it to be wanting in some aspects (size?) since your ownership is past tense, though it still seems to shine in what many deem to be the biggest of all PQ aspects, that ubiquitous black level...if the measurements of the new panel(s) dethrone it from its top position, the chatter/comparisons might finally settle down.
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