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Newbie questions about BDP-S790  

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I am relatively new to the forum. Just bought sony bdp-s790 after reading rave reviews on this forums. So far I am pleased.

My setup is Sony BDP-S790 ---> Sony STR-DA5300ES Receiver --->Sony KDS-60A3000 TV using HDMI. I also have PS3, Verizon Fios all connected to the Sony Receiver via HDMI as well. Sony BDP-S790 and PS3 have wired TCP/IP connection.

I connected the device to internet and it was updated the latest firmware

I have couple of questions that I am not fully clear of.

a) When I turn on the Sony BDP-S790 I see my TV screen flicker several times. The menu comes on and it disappears for a second and comes back, disappears again, come back. This happens 3 or 4 times before it settles down. I am not sure if this is due to HDMI handshake. Did anyone experience this as well? Is this normal? This happens while navigating through the menu, selecting video/audio apps etc as well.

b) Does the internal scalar engine, scales the internet streaming videos to 1080 resolution also? I am noticing smooth picture quality. I signed up for new Indian TV Channels (yupptv). Just curious if the service itself is better and transmitting at higher resolution or my dvd player is doing to scaling as well. Is there a way to check if blu rayer is doing any scaling of incoming video stream?

Overall I am happy with the quality of the streaming video. Still not tested blu ray playback yet.

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My bad. Started a new thread accidentally. Sorry about that.

Meant to post this question to official S790 thread.
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