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Mirage OMD-C2

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1/18/13......Just purchased Mirage OMD-C2 center channel in Rosewood for $599.99 by calling Vann's customer service. Advertised price is $1,999.97. 1 left! Just an FYI for anyone interested.
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Thanks for posting this!! Just picked up the last one for the price you quoted. Took a little haggling but got him to look up your purchase! They said they won't be getting anymore C2's and I believe them, as most omd's at Vanns say out of stock or on order, the c2's in black have disappeared from their website altogether some time ago. The salesperson told me they are getting in their very last batch of 15's and 28's.
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So what do you both think of the C2? I bought one last March and love it. This is one excellent center channel. If it wasn't such a wide UFO of a speaker I wouldn't mind having them across the front, or even have them for all the speakers in my setup.
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