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Panasonic SC-BTT490 (Netflix Audio Stops Working) Only way to fix is Factory Reset!!! (Seems to...

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Hi -

I recently purchased this Blu-Ray/Surround Combo. I am having some issues with Netflix.

I am connected LAN so wireless is not an issue.

Netflix Audio stops working after 1-2 days. The only way to fix this is with a Factory Reset!!!! Which is horrible as you have to re-sign into all the software which is insanely tedious!!!

I can replicate the problem by going into the Audio Delay in the Setup. As soon as you adjust the Audio Delay in Instantly breaks Netflix!

If I leave it on Auto - It will break Netflix within about 2 days. I get video perfectly but NO AUDIO at all. I have the most recent firmare installed on the Blu-Ray as this is the first thing I did when I set it up.

I have tried the magic UpUP Down Down Left Right UP UP UP UP in netflix to deactive but this does not fix the issue. Only way is factory reset.

What on earth could be causing this! Has anyone with this setup had Netflix Audio issues. All the Other Software Works perfectly fine.

Amazon, Hulu, Youtube.... Its just Netflix that has this issue. We watch alot of Netflix so Its driving us crazy. I have tried adjusting the Audio From Bitsream to PCM to see if this fixed the issue but it does not. I have also played around with a lot of the other settings but to no avail.....

Is there anyway I can download the previous Firmware form Somewhere to see if this solves the issue?
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Issue has been Fixed.

After searching here on the forums I read the Setting "Deep Color" which is set to on by default can cause problems with HDMI and Audio.

I turned it off and everything works perfectly.

If you are having any Netflix issues please try and turn this setting off and see if it solves your problem.

Thought someone might find this helpful in they end up where I was. I emailed back Panasonic and told them as well in case someone calls them about the issue.
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I have the same problem. How do you disable the deep colour?
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Hi Just saw this!

Well it partially fixed the problem. Meaning, It worked! but the audio cut out again after a week.

Only this time I can just deactivate Netflix and re-login and everything works again. Before this I had to factory reset which was horrible.

So here is the fix -

Go into the Home Menu, Other, Settings, Video, HDMI output

You will see a setting called Deep Color Output. Turn this OFF. (Netflix Audio should now work again)

Hopefully this works for you. If it does and audio stops working again after a few days or week, all you have to do is go into Netflix on your blue ray.

In that main browsing page hit.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, UP, UP, UP, UP

A menu will pop up to deactivate your account. Click on it. Then log back into Netflix. You will have to re-enter you email and password. This will fix the audio again. It sucks, but its much better than having to do a factory reset and type Everything in again!

I know what your thinking, some developer played Contra way to much when they were younger. The good news is its pretty easy to remember after you do it a few times. Seriously though they could have just put this in a dam menu for Netflix!!!!

So its not 100 percent solution but I really hope this info helps. It took me forever to figure it all out. I spent a week scouring the Net to get this fixed.

Also Panasonic really needs to get the dam bugs out of there Netflix software. Its ridiculous. I actually told them they should hire a different company to design the Internet part of there software as from what I can tell everyone complains about it in reviews. Its slow clunky and counterproductive. At least the other software seems to work just fine though. beside the clunkyness of it.
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I too have had this problem and to fix it I simply disconnect the power from the back of the Panasonic SC-BTT490 wait about 10 seconds and plug it back in. The audio works once again in Netflix. Nothing to enter and no buttons to push. smile.gif
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Thanks ... it worked ...
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For a day ...
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I hope this works with my BTT500, I was having the same issue last night.... will try it tonight
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Hi, i'm having same issue with a SCBTT500??!!?

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Hi Monsta45,

It worked for me, although I don't know which worked, as I did all 3... Deep colour, up up down down etc, and disconnected mains.
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right i'll try "deep colour" 1st
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The Deep Colour thing worked for me, although. and forgive me if i seem dumb (opens himself up for attack lol) why would the colour setting make any difference to the sound signal along an HDMi lead when its an app playing up?

Surely the sound is just going out of the speakers and the picture goes to the TV?

Anyway it works!!
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HDMI just carries bits and bytes of information that is "separated" by the receiving end. There are no discreet audio/video wires or data streams. So when Deep Color is enabled I think it uses up all, or mostly all of the available bandwidth so the audio portion suffers first.
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This problem shouldn't be effected by HDMI though as the Netflix is built in to the cinema system?
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The BTT490 is an integrated HTiB meaning that it has a built-in blu-ray player. If the unit is setup to use Deep Color (which btw I don't understand why it's still an option because nothing takes advantage of it and it causes more problems when enabled) then that may affect any SmartApps that are available and send their video data via HDMI to the tv leaving very little bandwidth for audio. Maybe not, but the bottom line is never use Deep Color because there isn't any advantage to it and it causes problems.
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