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Advise needed on new screen

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My home theater is in a 18 X 11 room. I have complete control of the light in the room.
The walls are dark maroon with the wall behind the screen is painted black.
The carpet is also black. The ceiling is white. ( thought about painting it gray. )

The projector is a Panasonic PT-AE700U which I've used, with great pleasure, for the last 5 years.
The projector is ceiling mounted 11' 3" from the screen.
My current screen is an 84" dia. 1.1 gain.

My setting is 2 rows at 11' and 15'' from the screen. The 15' row is on an 10" riser.

After coming back from a trip to Ca. my wife ( believe or not ) thought we needed a larger screen.
Without telling me she ordered a new 100" 1.3 grain electric screen.

The cals. I've done tells me I should get between 20 -19FL without changing anything except the screen size.
My question is , will 20-19FL give me a decent picture or will I need to upgrade my projector or make any other changes?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be a great help.
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14-16 fl is recommended for front projection so you are golden as long as you eyes don't hurt. I use bias lighting with my HP screens as I get 26fl out of a 65" screen and causes eye strain in total blackness. The new screen (see below) is bigger and the light is a bit less but still better with very dim bias light.

Considering you have everything else the proper color, I would consider fixing the white ceiling. The bigger screen is going to be closer to the ceiling and create more reflected light. I just installed a way to big screen in my living room which needs to be masked off at 78" diag (8' ceiling) With the screen all the way down and the image at the bottom (HP 2.8 so less off axis light than other screens) it is not to bad on the ceiling. Moving the screen up 10 inches to the next highest stop and raising the image (top of image still not at the top of the screen) there is considerable more reflected light. So a few inches closer can have a big effect, something to think about and be prepared for.
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Paint your ceiling darker and then enjoy that 20 foot lambert picture !! smile.gif
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