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Oppo BDP-103 frozen  

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Hi, I bought a new Oppo BDP103 one week ago and it has been working OK, now it s totally inoperable and I don t know why or what to do to make it work.
the DVD player menu is frozen, at first i thought it was the remote, so I changed the batteries, I even changed the code, and as a last resorce I tried the Oppo Smart photo remote, nothing works, so I Understood it was the unit not the remote.
sometimes after many attempts of moving the highlight of the large icons on the DVD menu by clicking the right arrow to move on, sometimes afte many times the hightlight slide all the way without stopping on any icons and stops right before the first icon to its left where there is nothing, no icon.
I tried to power on and off several times, I tried to load a disk or to remove a disc, nothing seems to work.
I downloaded the lates firmware ipdate and put it into a USB key which the unit recognized but didn t do anything about it, and of course I cannot do anything manually with it because I cannot navigate in the set up.
so I am lost, I paid a premium for this unit since I am in BC canada and I had to pay not just the S&H but the Duties for the border fees, and now if I have to send it back and get another one I will have to pay those fees again. what cna I do?
thanks a lot any thoughts would be appreciated.mad.gif

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Welcome to AVS. Mods ask that you post all questions in the Oppo thread:


Try unplugging the player for a couple minutes.

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