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Sony 4K 3D TV at CES2013

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This was Sony's demo of it's 4K 3D TV. It shows both upconverted 1080p to 2160p content off regular 3D BluRay movies as well as some upconverted content from Sony's 3Net TV channel.

As a reminder, I recorded this video in 3D using my Sony HDR TD10 and my special filter to preserve the 3D presentation from the TV.

Sony had several of these TVs on display showing various genre of content including games and their 4K server loaded with 10 2160p native movies that comes with the TV.

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Don did you have a chance to compare the 3 4K 84"+ TVs?
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That is the 84" 4K Sony. What do you mean by 3?
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I mean the 84" Sony,the 84"LG and the 85" Samsung 4K TVs.
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The Samsung 85" was shown in 3D but I don't have a filter to video the Samsung active glasses TV's. Both Sony and LG are about equal in PQ and are passive. I got good video of both the 84" and 65" models. Not too much on the 55" as they don't interest me. smile.gif The Sony offered more features and better speakers and a 4k server loaded with native 4K content and an xperia tablet to control it all in their 4k models. LG is lower price but does not offer any content with the TV.
Considering Samsung uses active glasses, not passive, it automatically has a higher 3D vertical resolution than the Sony and LG which are passive FPR 4K TV screens. But this makes no difference, unless you have 3D content in 4K native which right now is only available for the Sony.

Confused? Simply put, this stuff is just now evolving so we should not worry as to what is offered with the TV's and content availability until they hit the shelves later this year or now for the 84" Sony and LG. Therefore if you must have now and must have 4K native content, the Sony is the only game in town.

If you want active shutter glasses, wait for the Samsung. If Passive is your passion, get the LG or Sony. I also looked at Hisense, Sharp, Toshiba, and Panasonic. Vizio was not at the CES show but had a private press room in the Wynn Hotel. They all showed models but I got the impression these were not in final form so I didn't bother to review them for personal consideration at this time. Of course that story could change in the weeks to come. Best to keep eyes and ears open to breaking news if you are considering being an early adopter. I plan to wait for prices to get reasonable and do not plan to go OLED until certain technical issues are resolved.
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I was not aware that Samsung was active which I prefer. I will wait until the price is announced but I don't like the frame. I also hate to go down from my 92" Mitsubishi to a smaller TV. Thanks for the info.
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Did Sony introduce any active 3D at CES this year? I'm actually shocked that Sony introduced passive sets this year.
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Everything I saw on display was passive from Sony. The only mention of active was that they would not divulge whether the OLED 4K 3D would be active or passive. Said they had not announced that yet. When their OLED will be released it will be 3D, however what they showed was only 2D at CES.

Edit- with exception of the 4K VPL VW1000ES projector, that was active shutter glasses.
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I just spent some time at the Sony Store in the Boca Towne Centre Mall, and I must say that I was very, very impressed with the 4K set. I was so amazed at the clarity and detail of the native 4K material that it was only after I left that I realized that I never actually got to watch any 3D content on it! biggrin.gif
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Don , I could not wait any longer so I have ordered the 84" LG 4K set. I compared the Sony and LG using Avatar at a local video store and felt that the Sony does a better job of upconverting to 4K. In fact it looked so good that I knew I had to buy now...I also found out that the Samsung 85" will retail for $38,000 and the 110" no doubt more if made. After searching the internet I found the LG at a considerable lower price than the $17,000 normal price (list $20,000) plus no sales tax and free delivery.. The Sony could not be found for less than the $25,000. I have been a fan of active glasses and 3D but the wife does not like the dimming of active and the 4K now gives you full 1080 with passive. I will move the 92" Mitsubishi to the bedroom replacing the 82".
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Is this what you got?


For early adopter, you did good! smile.gif I'm sure you will enjoy the 3D 1080 x 1920 quality.

My plans are way on the back burner as my maximum price I am willing to pay is much lower. It could be 2 more years for me to see one in my home. Meanwhile I have big expenses traveling and shooting 3D for awhile. My Sony projector will have to do.
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No I got it for $1,425 cheaper and the low price did not show until you placed it in your cart. By the way I also have the Sony HD-10 3D camcorder as I record anything I do or visit.
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It's my understanding that Sony uses the LG panel for its 84" set.
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