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Energy Takes or JBL Lofts or Jamo S606

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So like always, when I finally jump and buy something another option presents itself a couple of weeks later. Luckily if need be I am still within the window to return my purchase.

I currently have the Energy Take Classics, which I picked up after Christmas with a Denon 1713 receiver. I am happy with my purchase but as mentioned something else has popped up that intrigues me. I only have a small space, approximately 160 sq/ft room so I don't need or can afford over $1000 worth of speakers at the moment.

I would really appreciate any opinions regarding my choices, which are:

Keep the Energy Take Classic 5.1

or return and get:

JBL Loft 50 Towers
JBL Loft 20 Center
JBL Loft 30 Rears

with/ Klipsch KW 100 Subwoofer
or Energy ESW-C10 Subwoofer

Based on where I reside in the world, Canada! Even worse, Atlantic Canada these really are my only choices within my price and size range.

I bought the Classics because of the outstanding reviews they get and I do love them. But I am just wondering if I could get more out of the JBL's. In regards to the my listening requirements, it is solely for movies/TV/PS3. I won't be listening to music on the system at all, unless it's the score of the film.

Again, I am very happy with the sound of my Takes but being new to all this I really wonder if something like the JBL package would be better for my home theatre.

My wife and I plan on building our next home but we are a few years away from that. So this setup is what I will have to live with until then.

For better take of the space I am working with, here is a post with pics.

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You could get way more out of the JBL towers than the little Take Classics. Your Takes have a 3" woofer and a 1" tweeter in a very small cabinet.

The JBL 50 has two 6.5" woofers, three 4" midrange drivers and a 1" tweeter is a much larger cabinet. That's not even a fair comparison.

The loft 20 center and Loft 30 surrounds are also bigger than the Take counter parts. I'd exchange those speakers in a heartbeat.

From the first picture I saw you may want to throw an area rug over your hardwood floor the lessen the reflections of the room too.
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The Klipsch KW-100 is the same as the Energy EW-100. They both have a 55 watt amp, 225 w peak.

The ESW-C10 is a step up from both those subs. 150w amp, 400 watt peak.
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Thanks. Though I'm not looking for the loudest of the two. I simply want the best sounding. When cranked up to 70 the Takes are loud enough for my space and clear as day. But where I am new with all this and haven't really listened to anything else other then my old Samsung HTIB I just want to ensure I am getting the best bang for my buck. If the JBL's are a better sounding system then I think I should switch, but if they are merely a louder system then it might not be worth it to me. I also think the JBL towers will look a little better with the setup but again, I'll sacrifice looks for sound quality.
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they're going to be better sounding because they have larger and more drivers which will sound fuller than the little Take speakers.

Buy the JBL's, bring them home and test them vs the Takes. Then bring back the loser. that way you'll know for sure.
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Beat ya too it. I'm am dedicating tomorrow Jan 20 sound test day. I bought the JBL's and a new contender, the Jamo S606. Both are 5.0 systems and will require a sub. I will use the Sub from the Take package for testing. The two losers will find themselves back on the shelf!
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Many people have had great luck with the Jamo S606
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I'd take the Jamos over the other two.
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Remember to rerun Audyssey with each system. You definitely wont be able to use your current Take Classic settings with either system and vice versa.
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Thanks. Will do!
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So after a day of listening to Podraces (my control sound test) I have sided with the Jamo S606. I am still a little disappointed though. I don't know if its the speakers (all of them) or the receiver (Denon 1713) but I really thought I could crank them up to a point where it would be hard to even think. Perhaps I am thinking of speakers that exceed my budget.

The Jamo definitely gets loud and it is still remarkably clear, but I really thought it could be room shattering. I was also only running the Energy 8" Sub with them as so perhaps when I get a larger sub I might get the desired results.

Just out of curiosity would a better receiver deliver different results with the Jamo's? Or is there a way to manually setup my receiver to deliver louder sound? I just used the audyssey auto setup.
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Well, if you have your speakers set to small the receiver will not have to handle the lower frequencies and passes those on to the powered sub. That should help a bit. Also a larger sub would help too. Get a good 10" or 12" subwoofer.

The Jamo's are 6 ohm which puts a little more stress on your receiver and have a sensitivity of 89db for the towers and 87db for the center and surrounds. If you were to get higher sensitivity speakers say 93db of more it would take half the volume to sound as loud as the Jamos.

But will they sound as good? That's another question.

Then again maybe you're used to distortion which appears louder than clean clear sound.

How did the JBL's sound?
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The JBL's sounded great as well. Ultimately if was a toss up. I liked the look of the Jamo's better then the JBL's and ultimately went on that. Not the best way to make a decision but it was tough to distinguish differences between either set. I dunno, maybe I should keep the JBL's. So frustrating making a decision. My avatar screams truth!

I saw a Precision Acoustics 15" 250w Sub at Bestbuy when I picked up the speakers. I think the model number was HD15S. I think I will pick that up, or order the Lava.
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Thanks for the info on the sensitivity and ohm. The JBL's are technically better. I am going to run them again and make sure I keep the right ones. Luckily the stores closed early today so I didn't get to bring them back today. My basement looks like I robbed a electronics store at the moment.

Also contemplating getting two Energy CF 50 and a sub. Maybe just run a 2.1 system for now. Really want my surround though, so it will take allot to go that route.
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So, I am approaching everything differently now. I am upgrading my receiver to an Onkyo 616 (can get it for $50 more then my Denon 1713) and will be testing Klipsch F10, B10, C10 with a KW 100 sub. The set is on sale for 699 at Bestbuy. I will also be going to Future Shop and see what they can put together for me in regards to an Energy Package. Hopefully can get them to build something with the CF50 towers and keep the package around 7-800. I had a friend tell me they cut him some decent deals below sticker when he built a package and stated he was getting a package from a competitor.

Thanks to everyone that provided some insight. Sorry about all the indecision. Hopefully this dance will end soon.
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Hey. I can relate to looking like you robbed an electronics store; my wife walked by as I was laughing my ass off at that one......and I couldn't tell her EXACTLY what I was laughing at........"three people can keep a secret; if two are dead" type thing. I can only relate my experience as of late. I am no audiophile; my credit card statements might suggest differently though. I'm definately learning though. That house shaking, clear sound you are looking for; I just heard it this weekend; for about five minutes; then as I gazed at my new system in acoustical bliss; I thought....what's that smell; then as I gazed through the sunbeams coming through my living room window, I thought; oh ****, what's that white smoke whafting across the room as I bolted from couch to shut down my new av receiver. My outstretched finger within 6" of the power button and CLICK; silence, silence as my new receiver went into protection mode and for good reason. You see, my beauty new, high end, bookshelf speakers looked like they were starring in a new Cheech & Chong flick with white smoke POURING out of them. Should have believed the specs; max. rms power 80 watts. I had this 5.1 system hooked up to a 3 year old Onkyo 6 series, struggling to co-exist with bad hdmi board; think it was tx-nr 616 or something. I had showed the specs of the Onkyo to the rep where I bought my new speakers; after a short talk on rms and peak power ratings, he told me to take the speakers home, crank it up and enjoy. I did just that. Pretty nice, I must say. New speaker system made a difference. As always though; as I cranked it up, distortion was an enemy and clarity and separation was lacking, huge. Alas; the boxing week sales. Pioneer sc-1227-k; FS for $699 regular $1299. Canada only model. Two year warranty. Compared specs to Pioneers $1200 Elite sc-61 and they were identical. Pulled the trigger and got it. delivered just after new year and hooked it up this weekend. All I can say is B-E-A-utiful! Beautful sound and clarity. Cranked it a little friday night.....sweeeet. Internet blues radio.....awesome. Claptons' Crossroads blu-ray damn near brought tears to my eyes it was so good. Now the test......wife and son out for a couple hours on saturday. Ran Pioneers Advanced MCACC (only ever used Audyssey on Onkyo before) EXCELLENT; what a difference. Did a few manual tweaks and the test was on! David Gilmour; Live at Royal Albert Hall on blu-ray. Warmed up with Time.....sweet success. Turned it up a little more for Comfortably Numb....oh my God....I think I found what i was looking for without breaking the bank. Alas.....Echoes....live. Went into manual settings and released a little more power from Pioneer receiver by turning up the individual speaker settings just a little more; well maybe just one or two more clicks.....On to Echoes. Well..........refer to top of this page. Cost me about $1k in speakers; but I have heard the difference!! The Pioneer with it's class D3 amp is all that it is advertised to be. No offence to Denon or any other manufacturer for that matter; but I have heard the difference when 100++ watts of clean rms power is pumped through Five speakers and a sub. Your 1713 denon is 80 watts rms for one channel and when you start sending that power to the next and the next and the next speaker; well you'll never get what you are looking/listening for. Trust me; I have tried. I now have two totally fried right and left fronts; the centre seems to have survived; the rears.....well I think they still work ok but when i give 'em the sniff test....might be a little burnt too. Unbelievably; I am not even mad or that upset; because now I know the difference. I have found my receiver. I don't need more power than what that thing puts out. said 125 watts rms in specs PER CHANNEL and I believe it. If anything, very low loss of power as you send power to more speakers. All features, including internet radio work flawlessly and deliver great sound. I think I will try the JBL Loft 50 this week for $349 at BB I think it was. The specs can handle the power of this receiver; I believe. I'll let you know how it goes with the the JBL's in the front in a couple of days; if you're still interested. If there is one lesson I have learned and finally believe; you can't crank an amp close to it's max power and expect good results. You should by a little extra power and back it off a little. I have heard the difference....and it was bliss, i assure you!
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I ended up with a new AMP, the Onkyo 616 and the Klipsch set of speakers with a Polk PSW110 Sub. The guy at Bestbuy worked a deal and I got everything for $1000. After getting everything home and setting it all up, I ran my sound test again and WOW!!! I wasn't watching the Podraces, I was at them!

I know for most my little system screams nothing in comparison but for someone who stepped up from a HTIB and painstakingly purchased and returned 3 different systems before hitting pay dirt, it was pure unadulterated satisfaction.

I want to thank all that provided thoughts and opinions as I made my way through my first audio gauntlet. Sorry to hear about your lose Owlman but with it came a revelation. Enjoy your new hunt for speakers!
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