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Any good satellite speaker recommendations for corner locations?

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Hello all,

The problem I have is that I recently finished my basement and wired it for 5.1 surround sound. Being a noob I placed the speaker connections in the four corners of the room. Well now that the basement is finished and I am shopping for speakers I discovered that it's not the ideal location because most speakers end up sounding muddy. The room is approximately 20'x20' with 8' ceilings and seating is centered in the middle of the room. Speaker connections are about 6 inches from the ceiling and adjacent walls.

Are there any speakers that would sound good in the corners? I read something about omni speakers from mirage or horn speakers but not a whole lot to go on. I was hoping to spend less than $400. I originally was interested in the Energy Take 5.1 and then found the Monoprice Hi Fi 5.1 that look almost identical for $248. Would those two options sound bad? BTW, I'll be using the speakers for movies and music. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.cool.gif
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Is the interference that noticeable when using front directional speakers in the corners?
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Thanks for all the advice!!! (sarcasm) Found the Energy 5.1 for $299 w/ free shipping on newegg with coupon code, gonna experiment.
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Just don't put the speakers RIGHT IN the corners.

Put them a couple of feet away on a wall.

If you haven't already purchased the "Take' system, I would urge you to consider the Martin-Logan MLT- 2 system instead. Newegg has it now for $279, which is a great deal!

Its main speakers and subwoofer are far more capable of producing adequate home theater sound than the tiny speakers in the tiny Energy systems.

I think you will find that that tiny Energy system is completely inadequate for such a large room.
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Thanks, I'm considering purchasing the Onkyo tx-nr717 which has Audyssey DSX that allows you a front wide L&R. I thought of using an old pair of JBL cabinet speakers for the main fronts and the satellites for the wides since their so close to the corners.
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In that case you might want to look at the Cambridge S50 for a center speaker, which is excellent and compact. and the Cambridge Min-11 speakers for the satellites (or the S20 speakers).
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