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whole house music from hard drive backup?

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Ok, brand new member here. Haven't been able to find anything specific on the system I think I want to use in my house. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. this may very well have already been asked and answered or even something that is common place that i'm just getting around to.
This is what I'm thinking:
I need a wireless backup drive for my home computer/laptop. Was looking at the Seagate Freeagent Goflex system or something similar. Something that will wirelessly backup my files with out a whole lot of effort on my part. In reading about this product it connects to your wifi system and allows storage of music, among other things, and can be accessed from the internet and a wifi connected phone as well.
So, if that is the case, I'm thinking if I can somehow get the music off this thing to be controlled by my phone, why couldn't I somehow connect speakers from throughout the house to the backup drive as well. Then control speakers, songs, volume etc, from my phone.
I have in ceiling speakers in various rooms and outside currently. I'm really not interested in wireless speakers, or the different air play things that are available. I'd prefer to use what I already have installed and wired in the house.
Wondering if a receiver of some type could be hooked to the router or backup drive to serve as a power source for the speakers to make this whole thing work.
Anyone have any thoughts on this? maybe theres a better solution out there already?

thanks again for any input.

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I'm not familar with that drive, but I would suggest just picking up your standard NAS and then set your computer to automatically backup to the NAS unit. Then you could pick up the Sonos Connect and a separate amp, and stream from the NAS to the amp. But we haven't even started to look at individual volume control and streaming different music to different rooms simultaneously.

So.... how many rooms will have speakers? And what's your budget? $1500 will be the starting point for an average system.
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Holy WOW. I'm afraid I wasn't thinking about that kind of budget. I'll do some research on the NAS and Sonos thing.
I'm looking at 4 rooms with in ceiling speakers. I don't think i need the ability to play different music in each room at the same time. More than likely it would be one room at a time, or maybe a couple, but the same music. I have in wall volume controls available as well that I could use instead of controlling via a phone, but was hoping there was some way via everything being linked by wifi to just control from a single source.
Any additional thoughts?
thanks very much for the input.

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Cheapest solution...

Sonos Connect: $350
Multichannel amp: $500 (http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-815)

You'll have to manually adjust each set of speakers from the amp, but that setup will allow you to stream music to up to six sets of speakers (12 channels). With some searching, you might be able to find a cheaper 12 channel amp.
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Thanks a lot for the input and research, this just may work out.

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