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Sony 1252Q greenlines jumping at top of picture

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I've got a Sony 1252Q that has starting some weird scan line issues.

My rig is as follows: PC/Xbox-->Yamaha 765-->Hdmi to DVI cable-->HDfury-->1252. Everything is converted to 1080i by the Yamaha before output. Running roughly an 85" screen at 16:9.

While playing Halo tonight, I noticed that at the very top of the picture there would be a single (maybe two) scan line of green that would flicker on an off. Very intermittent. but was consistently so. Over the course of about 2hrs, it got much worse. It went from just a few scan lines flickering, to those lines jumping down a good 6-8" from the top of the picture. They flicker and jump lines at random, not related to noise/vibrations or what is on the screen.

The projector has always had some alignment issues, the leftmost part of the screen has a ripple all the way down the picture that I was never able to converge out. About two years ago I adjusted G2 voltages that were waay out of spec, but honestly have been to lazy to check them in recent months. Other than that I haven't done any internal tinkering other than blowing out with air.

I'm hoping this is something someone has seen before, with a possible fix. I am about to remodel a basement room into a proper theater space, and was hoping to squeeze some more life out of this trooper. CRTs are hard to come by around my area. Other than a few quarks, thing has been fantastic for what it is, and it's age.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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I was going back through some old posts, and realized I have had a single scan line of green that has been there for a long while and could never figure out why. I adjusted the blanking to crop it, so I had forgotten about it.

I have the HDfury plugged into power with the supplied adapter into the same Monster power center as the projo. I just power cycled the HDfury alone, while the projector was still running, and it seems to have alleviated the problem.

So I guess that makes me think it might be the HDfury being stupid. Either that or the projo reset something on the resolution change. Do the HDfury's only known to have ~2yr life spans?

Still open to suggestions.
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Well it has started to happen again, and this time power-cycling the HDfury had no effect.

Would a bad horizontal sync board cause this? Bad green tube? Need to check, but I believe it has under 2500hrs on it, but it did just sit for about 10yrs before I started using it a few years back.

Still open to any suggestions!
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Any and all of the above could cause it, but I doubt it's the tube. The set is about 20 years old, so anything can happen. I'd suspect the V board, the one to the left under the top cover. I can test or repair it.

The amount of use is irrelevant at this time, it's like a 20 year old car with 20K miles on it. A rad hose can still blow due to age, and not because it of it's use.. or lack thereof.
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Thanks for the reply Curt, was hoping you'd chime in. Your break down is kinda what I feared. I assume that is a modular piece that can be removed? Didn't know if that was something that would be worth the effort to take out, ship to you for repairs or what not based on the age of the unit. Didn't know if there was anything I could test to determine/narrow it down.
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