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Given the state of the market IF we want to hold on to our RPTV's, Mit, Samsung or otherwise, looks like we'll be doing some long term or maybe not the "norm" kinds of things.

While there are threads on this forum for cleaning light engines, changing color wheels, replacing the red LED for Samsungs, etc., I can't find anything on how to properly clean the internal screen, the inside layer of the outside screen and the layer in between both.

I know not every RPTV referred to on this forum have the 2 screen design. But a lot of them do. I'd like to know how to properly clean my existing screens.

Now that I've taking my front bezel off on my WD-65738 I've learned that it really is fairly easy to do so. Since it is very doable to get to our screens I'd like to know how to preserve them.

They cost over 100 a piece, if you can find them, so maintaining them is worthwhile.

So how do we clean the inner screen both sides, the back of the front screen and make sure the layer in between both is clean?