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bass maximizes - sonic enhancers - minidsp

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So i was looking around and noticing in the car audio world they have these "bass restoration" devices similar to this:


my question is, what do these devices actually do to the signal? are they DSP type devices like the minidsp or? or are they more like simplified sonic exciters like this behringer?


I've noticed that when I'm playing crap mp3 files or old youtube videos I need something more to hook up between my LFE output and my SUB amp since simply changing the LFE output or turning up the gain just doesn't sound right.

I'm about to pull the trigger on the behringer just for the hell of it. I can always use it in my office for listening to podcasts, old crappy mp3 or youtube if I'm not using it on my LFE channel but I'm very curious what a device like that would do on the LFE channel of my HT setup. DTS tracks and DD 5.1 movies all sound great. Its the old content that feels like its missing something on the low end that simple volume or EQ don't feel like enough.
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Anyone using anything like these devices in their HT setup?
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Originally Posted by javi404 View Post

Anyone using anything like these devices in their HT setup?

The audio control device seems similar to the dbx-120 subharmonic synthesizer that I own, which takes the bass that occurs between 55 to 100Hz and divides it by two to create lower 28 to 50Hz fundamentals.
It works quite well with some songs, but it can make other songs just sound weird. I can't leave it turned on all the time.
The dbx unit just used op-amps and D-type flip-flops inside because DSPs weren't around back in the 1980's. (Not at affordable prices at least)
I know Audio Control made something similar back then so it wouldn't have used DSPs either, but they may make use of them now on newer units.

The Behringer device seems to be similar to the old "Aphex Aural Exciter", which was just a pleasing distortion adding device.
If you have songs that just don't sound very good as they are, then the Behringer SX3040 might make them listenable.

If I were you I'd try to demo these devices before you buy them. They may not sound anything like you think they might, which can be good - or bad.biggrin.gif
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stereo thanks for the response. I have absolutely no experience with any of the synthesizer type devices but it sounds like they differ enough that I really should try to demo them as you suggested before I spend any $$. sounds like the DBX you own does what I was thinking most of these bass enhancement circuits do but i guess with dsp you can do more. I also plan on only using it as needed if I do get one.
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