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I'm creating a small tracking room and control/mixing room in a commercial space. (Unused for my current business). The roof is tin and is roughly 16 feet high with a drop ceiling at 9 feet. I will be putting a ceiling on the control room but not the tracking room....But not yet. Drop ceiling...would a corner trap at the wall/drop ceiling corner be effective or would that be a false corner since the roof is the true ceiling for bass frequencies? Would a panel or homholtz absorber tuned to what the wizard reveals above the tiles be more effective? I have plenty of mineral wool broadband absorbers and a few DIY qrd diffusers to use already. The dimensions that im working with now are about 30 by 16 by 9to drop ceiling 16 to roof. I will not be able to move or add any walls for my first go but phase two may include a control room that does fit one of the sepmyer ratios. I have not tested the room yet. That is happening this weekend. The question is simply about placing traps in the current setup. With the current setup I have enough room to use the floor/wall corners for traps. The floor is concrete. Logic tells me this is a better place unless I go up to the roof. Oh, and three of the walls are not outside walls so they don't even make a corner anywhere but the drop ceiling within about 30 or 70 feet depending on the wall. Isolation is not a problem since I am the tenant of the adjoining space. I'm actually hoping a lack of isolation helps with lower frequency modes. Three walls are metal studs and one layer of 1/2in drywall so I imagine a lot of the trouble frequencies will pass on through. But again I haven't tested yet.