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Anyone install Serena Shades from Lutron?

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I ordered some for my HT and just put the first one up. I am not very happy though.... With the batteries installed, the head rail droops down >3/8" from the window frame and not only lets light through above the shade, it looks like crap. In real life, the head rail looks very much like plastic whereas on the website they look much better. Anyone else have them?
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I'm considering some of the honeycomb shades as well. Pics?
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Would also like to see photos.
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When you say it "droops down", do you mean it sags in the center, or do you mean it has a 3/8" gap between the top of the head rail and the top of the window?

How wide is the shade?

I would assume these are "inside mounted"?
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They are inside mount. When I say droop, it is really more like a tilt into the room. I took the batteries out and it still does it. It seems as if there is a fair amount of play in the plastic insert on the bracket which is allowing it to tilt forward. The bracket is rather clever but its not sturdy enough to hold the shade square. Each bracket has a plastic button on it which allows the shade to rotate forward for a quick battery change.

My biggest gripe is the headrail looks cheap. That being said, it looks better with all of the shades up as opposed to just the first when I posted. The Serena website doesn't mention other headrail options but the professional series pdf's on the Lutron site indicate there is an aluminum headrail available.

The shades themselves look like any other honeycomb shade and the fabric quality is pretty good (we did the mid-level fabric as a blackout shade). It was a snap to program the four of them and they function quite well.
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I have never installed a Lutron shade, so I have no actual experience to draw on.

I am wondering if the head rail is fitting into the brackets properly. It's not like Lutron to put out a product that is allowed to perform as you describe.

I don't recall ever seeing a head rail made of plastic, but as things change, I suppose anything is possible.

I would recommend taking your problem to Lutron Customer Service. Most major shade companies I have dealt with are very interested in you having a good experience. I assume you bought these on-line and don't have a local dealer to look into the problem.

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Big props for the product manager at Lutron who reached out to me. He is going to look into the head rail but has a good solution for the gap. He is sending me the brackets that are used on the manual shades and have a smaller clearance. I won't have the easy battery change capability but am willing to live without it in this circumstance. He also has what sounds like a piece of velor that I can try that will fill the remaining gap to ensure blackout in the HT.
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Sounds good. Now feed us some pics.
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That is good customer service.

I'm itching to buy more Lutron. And Legos.

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I will post some pics as soon as I have the new brackets installed.
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How'd these work out for you?
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