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AirPlay whole home audio setup help

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First let me preface this by saying that I've Googled my questions for a few days. While I do have a general idea of what I want to do, I'm to the point where I need help from the pros...hence my post here.

My budget is pretty low ($250) but before you laugh...I really am just wanting to get started and do one room in my house at a time. I'd like to our speakers in the ceiling and use Airport Expresses to push audio. I have an all Apple/iTunes home so I want to stay in that world for convenience. I want to be able to play music using my iOS device of choice without having to turn anything on. I've looked at standby amps for power but I'm a little fuzzy on how it's all set up and what kind of amp I need or whatever.

I'm thinking of buying an AE per zone/room and connect that to a T-amp that all resides in the closet off of my attic. My questions though are related to the amp & power situation as I have no clue what I'm doing there. I guess I wouldn't mind having to turn everything on before playing music, but I'd prefer a set it and forget it setup that doesn't use power all the time...hence the standby mode I've read about. I'm not looking to blow the house out with sound, as I know that you get what you pay for. I just want to be able to play music in rooms of the house.

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Have you moved forward with this? Perhaps you could find an amp that would activate by the line level signal being supplied. I use a set of Paradigm Shift A2 speakers that have their own amps, and they just activate when my TV or AirPort Express output audio. I have an ability to broadcast to my basement theater, living room and office via AirPlay, and I was wondering the best way to add another couple speakers. They don't have to be in wall, but I would love it if I could use something other than only iTunes to broadcast throughout the house (iPhone seems to just broadcast to a single device)
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Hey guys, just saw this post and figured I would say how I do it. I currently have an AE connected to one of these http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/356256-REG/AudioSource_AMP100_AMP100_Stereo_Power_Amplifier.html I have used this for years now and it works great. It senses when I am sending sound and turns on automatically. It then powers off when the sound stops.

I just bought a new house and plan on putting 5 of these with 5 AE's (ethernet) in the basement. Then wire the speaker wire to the rooms. It will give me 5 zones that I want; basement, garage, main level, master bedroom, outside.
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I like the idea of that setup, but how would I play my television audio on all zones or some of the zones?  I know I could use the airport express units and amps to play airplay but is it possible to play audio from my television?  Thanks.

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Good point. I think you would have to route your audio into a computer that could send it out. I know there are Mac apps that do this, and maybe there is a device that does. If not, perhaps someone could make one.
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