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Newbie looking for advice

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I've moved into a new home and I'd like to upgrade my audio system. I currently have a Bose 2.1 speaker system that is serviceable, but I'm looking for something better. This setup will be going into the living room and used for both music as well as the audio output for my TV and Blu Ray player, I listen to music on my turn table (analog RCA connection) and my AppleTV (HDMI). The connections to the Blu Ray player and TV are also HDMI. My budget (including receiver) is $2-3k. My room is 16' deep and 35' wide.

I'm not that interested in a 5.1 or 7.1 system at this time since I would have to run cables under my newly refinished hardwood floor. Would a 2.1 system give adequate treatment to surround sound movies and television? I've seen some high end sound bars that claim to support surround sound, but is that just marketing? Are they adequate for music also?

I would sure appreciate any advice you could give.
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I recommend 3.1, especially for a living room where front LR placement likely wont be ideal for proper stereo imaging. Your budget is healthy enough to get a pretty solid setup, do you have size restrictions for the speakers/sub? Or preferences for floorstanding or bookshelf sized speakers?
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You have a bunch of options. 3.1 would definitely work. You could get two full range towers and do 2.0. You could still do surround, maybe with wireless speakers like the Aperion Zona pair.

That is a big room, so getting a good sub would be a wise investment.
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Room size doesn't matter nearly as much as listening distance does. If it did matter, we would be unable to hear sound outdoors.

I disagree that 3.1 is clearly superior to 2.1 in this instance. I think you would need to try to be sure.

You do have a lot of option in this price range. You'll loose maybe $500 to your AVR. If you went with a single, solid SVS or Hsu (or any of several others) sub that would be around $800; so maybe $1700 for front speakers (assuming you don't need an amp for your choice).

There's an awful lot in that price range that's recommendable. Whether you go 2 or 3 fronts will make a signifigant impact though ($850/ea vs $630/ea speakers).

I lack personal experience, but Ascend comes up a lot in this range. At two-speakers there are some Salks. Most of the major brands (Pardigm, B&W, Focal, etc) have speakers in this range as well.
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Thanks for the advice. My wife would prefer bookshelf sized speakers that will go on our entertainment center below the television. I'm not really size restricted on the sub (within reason) as it will go inside the cabinet of the entertainment unit. Our couch is about 10' from the TV where the speakers would go.

Any experience with a sound bar? The geometry and footprint is ideal, but I'm nervous about the sound quality.
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You don't want the sub inside the cabinet. You need to have it in open space to get proper sound. It can go in the corner of the room.
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As long as the driver is exposed it's fine. If the cabinet it big enough, he may have a baffle issue; but that would also happen against a partial wall.

Vibrating his cabinet would be a concern.

I think it's a more complex issue than perhaps "bad" or "fine" can be applied to with this little information.

Heck. If all else fails, I know custom builders (Salk for example) who have made subs into coffee tables or end-tables or the like.
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