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Best OTA Tuner suggestions

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I am looking for suggestions for the best quality tuner for OTA antennae for my HTP, an Epson 8700-UB.

DVR while a nice feature thus far is not the major emphasis, if for no other reason we live in an area that only receives half a dozen channels anyway, and at least 98% of our viewing is PBS. I recently bought a Tivo Premiere that seems to do a much better job, (stronger tuner and better image quality), than our old outdated Samsung with DVI output. And the Tivo actually seems to display a slightly nicer looking image when feeding our 32" Vizio TV via HDMI for casual viewing. The ePvision tuners like the PHD-VRX as well as the Channel Masters such as the CM 7400 HD DVR also look promising and perhaps incorporate better tuners than what is installed in the Tivo. But from what I can determine there are problems associated with the competition, ie running hot, faulty units, bad service, availability of product and the list goes. And apparently non of them are as easy to use as a Tivo.

Has anyone here had the chance to compare these three tuner/DRV devices? If so did the CM and PHD's shame the Tivo in terms of image quality? Are there other products worth considering I have missed?

Many thanks.
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The PHD-8VX and PHD-VRX from ePVision have very good tuners and get very good OTA antenna reception. But the Channel Master 7400 has a problematic tuner that is subject to poor reception due to error correction issues and sensitivity to amplification. So if you use a preamp which could be necessary, it may not decode certain channels. Plus it runs very hot. But the Channel Master 7001 has a decent tuner but lacks certain features such as manual input and program info. And the TiVo has nice features but you have to pay a pricey subscription fee to receive the program guide. So I would go with the VRX because it has dual tuners which allows for 2 different antennas to receive multiple markets or signals from different directions. And it provides full program info and a channel list. But the remote is a bit slow to change channels. Hope this helps.
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Great info, thanks a bunch.
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