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Two Soundbar Choices for a 32" TV (Roth or Sharp).

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I have two 32" TVs which produce poor sound through their speakers, as most do.
I am limited on space, so can only fit a soundbar.
Both TVs are used to watch TV channels and DVDs (and for one TV, maybe Blu-Rays too).

I have been looking at two soundbars, but do not really know the difference between them.

They are: Sharp HT-SB250 (http://www.sharp.co.uk/cps/rde/xchg/gb/hs.xsl/-/html/product-details.htm?product=HTSB250) and Roth Audio Sub Zero (http://www.rothaudio.co.uk/docs/products_09/Sub_Zero.shtml)

Price-wise, they are very similar - with the Roth being slightly more expensive (about $15 USD).

The Sharp mentions it has a 2.1 configuration - and the Roth does not mention any configuration - forgive my ignorance, but I am clueless about Soundbars.

Does it matter that the Sharp has 'only' an analogue input, and the Roth has that and a digital one?

In plain English, could someone explain the difference between these two, and which is better for my needs listed above?

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From the limited information available on those links, the two soundbars appear quite similar. They are 2 channel bars with built-in woofers to give you some bass, hence the .1 that Sharp mentions. Analog input should be fine since neither bar can process DD or DTS. You would not get different sound from the optical input on the Roth. I'm assuming you've already checked to be sure your TVs have analog audio out. So take your pick, either bar should work for you.

You might want to check in on the U.K. AV forum to see if anyone has experience with them. The Roth isn't sold here and the Sharp might not be either.
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thank you for your detailed reply.
my tvs do have analogue out.
i asked on avforums, but have not had a reply.
i suppose i'll go for the roth, as it got a slightly better review from the same person.
thanks again.
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