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Home Theater Upgrade - Apartment

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I'm by my own standard a total newbie to hi-fi with some cash to spend,

Am looking to get a home theater setup I can share with both my PC and my TV.

I figure HDMI from my PC to a receiver to a hdmi input on a monitor should work. I have yet to buy a receiver and that's still one of the things I'm debating.

I'm looking to spend upwards to 1000 dollars on the receiver / cabling, preferably for something adaptable, I'd like the options to add more speakers and have good EQ options for weird speaker placement, lots of HDMI inputs for gaming consoles, network support etc with the latest standards.

The room is about 20' x 18'

I'm not really looking for excessively high volume, I want quality bass and sound that's able to produce good highs / mids and lows in a rather small form factor and am ok spending a good amount of money for a quality system, but would like to make sure I'm not simply spending all my $$ on overpriced products.

I'd also like to be able to adjust settings for awkward speaker placement. (I'm not sure if some receivers have different settings for this. As I tend to sit in different spots depending if I want to watch TV or be on my computer.)

I am using some Energy EF-500 tower speakers I picked up for super cheap a while back and will probably look to replace down the line.

I want to go for a 5.1 setup and my thoughts are I'll just expand to 7.1 later once I have another batch of funds to dump into better speakers to begin with.

Hopefully this is enough about what I'm looking for, now for what I've done so far.

I'm still on the wall about well.. everything to purchase really. biggrin.gif

I was looking at Onkyo TX-NR717 or maybe Onkyo TX-NR818
(there's a link on the page for the other model ^^)

I went ahead and already purchased a subwoofer which is in shipping since it seemed to me it was on a good sale, but after reading some reviews I'm not sure it was a good enough sale, or if I should stick with it or get my money back for something different, Klipsch SW-311 Reference Series Subwoofer I got on sale for $1200.

While I'm quite aware these might not be the best choices for the $$, am hoping for some suggestions, any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

And lastly, I don't mind saving for a bit going outside any mentioned budget, simply what I have in mind to spend this given moment, expandability options are always attractive.

( I hope I posted this in the right section, I kind of want to do a bit of everything with my setup lol.. )
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Send that Klipsch subwoofer back. Way overpriced and theres much better cheaper options.

The Onkyo 818 is an awesome receiver. I've had one since July and it is full of options and features and the newest Audyssey XT32 room correction is light years ahead of what the Onkyo 717 comes with (2EQ) which really doesn't do anything. My old Onkyo 605 had that and its a very basic almost worthless rc.

Don't waste a lot of money on cables, hdmi, speaker wire, ect... Monoprice.com or parts-express.com are good places from cheap quality cables.

Those Energy aren't too bad but theres some other great options to look into, for speakers.
http://www.theaudioinsider.com/manufacturers.php?mPath=13 Own the Arx series speakers (A5 towers) and they are fantastic, couldn't be more happy.

If your wanting a smaller compact subwoofer like the Klipsch around the same price the SVS SB13 Ultra would DESTROY the little Klipsch
Few others to look into

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Thank you, this was exactly the kind of response I was looking for.
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I would really look into the Level Three speakers and the subs, that were linked in post #2

And also, take a look at the ARX speakers
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The Onkyo 818 is a very good receiver and can be had for around $650. I have the Jamo versions of your Energy speakers and while they're pretty good for HT, there are definitely better speakers out there. They would make great rears. I would look at SVS or HSU subs which will should greatly outperform the Klipsch for the same money or much less. What is your budget for your three fronts?
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When I go to replace my fronts / rear speakers, I'll most likely be looking to spend somewhere along the range of 2500 range for a set.

Honestly this isn't something I can financially do right now, I'll hold onto my Energy speakers for a while, maybe after a 3-4 months I should have enough extra funds to drop on some higher quality speakers. Although I suppose this isn't really that far in the future.

You think it's worth keeping my Energy speakers as rears? I haven't thought of that, I suppose that'd give me room for better front ones and bump me to a 7.1 setup.
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For your speakers up front I recommend tekton lore. http://www.tektondesign.com/lore.html
They are super efficient 98 db so receiver will.run them.no problem . You can get a.matching centre channel for 300. 1k for the lores and they will rock.
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The Onkyo 818 is a very good receiver and can be had for around $650.

Hmm, do you recommend any retailers for audio products then? As the common place(s) I seen to go have this receiver listed at MSRP $1200.

You can get a.matching centre channel for 300. 1k for the lores and they will rock.

Those lores do look like they'd be rockin'. Is the center channel a tower speaker too? For some reason I always imagine center channels as those wide horizontal speakers and I don't see them selling anything like that at $300 price point.
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Don't know where you could get an Onkyo 818 for that price ($650) Even with discounts and free shipping I still paid around $900-1000 on Amazon. Factory refurbs are going for $700-800 http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKTXNR818/Onkyo-TX-NR818-7.2-Ch-THX-Certified-Network-A/V-Receiver/1.html

Tekton does have centers but you probably have to get ahold of them to find out. You also need to check how much shipping and fees are to send them back in case you don't like them. From what i've heard its quite alot of money with hidden service fees and restocking fee and return shipping. Email them to find out for sure.

Aperion Audio will pick up shipping and give you 100% full refund if you don't like them within the 30 days. Most of the others HTD, Arx, SVS, HSU ect... you only pay shipping back.
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Check out this thread for prices on the 818... http://www.avsforum.com/t/1418870/onkyo-tx-nr818-949-88 Subscribe to the thread to receive the latest updates, sometimes the deals expire very quickly.

I am waiting on a good deal to pull the trigger myself...

EDIT.... Just found one for 899.00 See that thread for links...
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Amazon, B&H, and J&R all had the 818 NIB and not refurbished for $649 about a month ago. I guess prices have gone back up on it now but I'm sure they'll go down again.
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Tekton has two center channels . A lore centre channel with one eight inch driver. Its the size of a bookshelf speaker. I am getting the pendragon center. It has two ten inch drivers and three tweeters. 800 smackers and its one huge center. They are right about pricey to send it back. I did as much research as I could.and people glow about them. I phoned there number on.the website and it goes right to eric Alexander the owner. After talking to him for a few.minutes I was sold..I also like the fact that for no extra charge I got to pick the color of.my three speakers . Getting this personal touch takes time. Weeks instead of days to get them. I figure if I am going to have them for years then I can wait.
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Should I be concerned with the 24p issue plauging the Onkyo 818 that seems people have been reporting but has yet to be addressed by the manufacturer?


I'm at work right now and can't really look into the problem due to well, constraints placed upon me. -_-

I'm kind of wondering if this issue is even applicable to me and even if it is...is a single frame being duplicated every 41 seconds really that much of an issue? Does it require certain resolution input for this issue to occur or should I expect this on all video?

Seems the 818 is popping up for sale occasionally at different places, like one of Amazon's resellers atm. Kind of on the wall if I should purchase a receiver with known issues that Onkyo doesn't seem in the process of trying to resolve or not.
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